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Villain Overview

Christmas sucks!
~ Tom about Christmas.
Mwahahaha! Mwahahaha! Ooo. Burning montage!
~ Tom destroying Christmas.
You can't possess something twice!
~ Why Tom couldn't get possessed by the little girl.
~ Tom's obstreperous breakdown to Tord, before launching his harpoon at him.

Thomas, better known as Tom, is one of the two deuteragonists (alongside Matt) of Eddsworld, who is inspired and voiced by Thomas "TomSka" Ridgewell. He is known for having a blue hoodie, spiky brown hair which he called Steve in moving targets, and no eyes. He appears to be an extremely smart and funny individual. Although he is also known to be drinking alcohol a lot. He often looks bored or unfazed, even when something exciting or bad is happening to him and his friends.

Although he is usually presented as a good character, he is known for his deep hatred of Christmas, as he is a Jehovah's Witness. This causes that he always tries to kill Santa on Christmas Day. His attempts usually aren't successful, but in Zanta Claws III, Tom steals the sledge from Zanta Claws and almost destroys Christmas indeed, causing him to be the main antagonist of the episode.

He was originally voiced by Alex L'Abbe due to Tom Ridgewell not having a microphone at the time. Throughout most of classic Eddsworld and Eddsworld: Legacy, he was voiced by his real-life counterpart before his final departure from the show, and is currently voiced by Ed Templer.


The original concept drawing of Tom

Thomas Ridgewell was a fan of Edd Gould, and due to that Tom made a piece of fanart of Edd without a face (a reference to Edd Again) as a gift to Edd, and while Edd did comment on this and a second piece of artwork were originally traced, the two would eventually become friends and the character in the piece of fanart would become a character in Eddsworld first appearing in a Halloween short.

Villainous Actions

Zanta Claws

Tom with a bazooka.

Tom is first seen waiting armed with a bazooka on the roof to "celebrate Christmas". When he sees someone who looks like Santa Claws, he shoots him, but fails and ends up in the chimney. Later, it is revealed he was actually shooting at Zanta Claws instead of Santa. At the end of the episode, Santa gives Tom a bottle of Smirnoff. Tom is happy until he learns it is actually diet Smirnoff, prompting him to pull out his bazooka and shoot.

Zanta Claws III

Tom with a sniper rifle.

One of Tom's most villainous acts is when he tries to destroy Christmas in "Zanta Claws III". Drunk Tom is waiting for Santa on the roof, armed with a sniper rifle. When he falls down and Edd laughs at his pain, angry Tom leaves and hangs around, calling everything stupid. He suddenly bumps into Zanta Claws who takes him for a ride on his sledge. Zanta tries to team up with Tom, but Tom doesn't listen and eventually drops Zanta from the sledge. He then wears Santa clothes and uses the sledge and its weapons to destroy Christmas once and for all. He even shoots the real Santa.

Tom destroys Christmas

Meanwhile, Edd, Matt, Zanta and Santa team up to stop Tom, using Zanta's Boxmas bot. While Tom is singing his rap song "Christmas Demolition", Zanta is fired onto his sledge to take part in a guitar duel with Tom. However, the rest of the gang shoots the sledge meanwhile, causing it blows up. Tom then ends up on a wheelchair.

Other Villainous Acts

  • In Tom's Tales of Brilliance, Tom falls off a cliff while skiing and becomes a ghost. He then goes to the National Card Stacking Championships in Canada where he uses his invisibility to look up a woman's skirt, causing him to get a boner.
  • The same episode also presents Tom as a very rude person: he throws a cork at a trombone while yelling at it, closes his door on Christmas carolers (according to his deep hatred of Christmas) and shouts at some kids to get off his lawn.
  • In Spares, Tom and his friends join to kill all their Clones that started to live in their house and poison their lives. In a short time, the gang is able to murder an unbelievable number of the Clones.
  • In Space Face: Part I, Tom uses a laser gun to immobilize Matt when he is screaming in panic. The only reason to do this is that Tom can't stand Matt's shouting.
  • In the same episode, Tom's hatred of Christmas is shown again. When the gang enters the room that shows people the things they desire the most, Edd sees Tom with a Christmas tree and presents. Edd thinks Tom desires to celebrate Christmas, only to learn that Tom wants to destroy it again. He pours gas around the tree and lights it on fire, to Edd's disappointment.
  • Tom is sometimes very malicious. Good example is a comics No. 176 - Christmas where he gives a present box to Edd and Matt which only contains a paper with "Hate you all" on it and wishes them Merry Christmas.
  • In Tom's Tales of Crazy, Tom swings his bat at a baseball and kills it by an accident. A random man sees it all and tells Tom that he's going to jail, forcing Tom to kill him. Tom then tries to escape, but crashes his car into a tree.


Note: Mention only kills that happen onscreen.

  • 3 zombeh in Zombeh Nation.
  • 2 zombehs in Zombeh Attack.
  • 1 demon and 4 zombehs in Zombeh Attack 3.
  • 2 mummies in Ruined.
  • 1 person in Tom's Tales of Crazy.
  • 2 clones in Spares.
  • Edd in Matt Sucks.
  • 1 person in MovieMakers.
  • Snogre in The Snogre.
  • 9 zombehs and indirectly 4 people on Fun Dead.

Total: 31


Tom taunting Tord


Although Tom and Tord lived under the same roof (until Tord moved), they had a rivalry history. It started when Tom called Tord a commie and Tord called Tom a Jehovah's Witness (who he actually is). In Ruined, Tom taunts Tord ("In your face, Tord!"), because Edd chose him to go with him when the gang had to split up. In 25ft Under the Seat, Tom says "Good riddance," to Tord when he is leaving, prompting Tord to back his car into Tom. In "The End", Tord calls Tom "Classic Stupid Tom", prompting Tom to leave the household. Later that same episode, Tom throws a chair at Tord's giant robot, also prompting Tord to shoot Tom. He missed as he hit Jon. Tom later shot Tord's giant robot with a harpoon, causing the robot to explode. Tord survived the explosion, but lost skin from his face and his right arm. Although how their rivalry was, Tom and Tord still liked each other as friends. In Ruined when the mummies were trying to attack Tord and Matt, he saves both of them.


Tom has a much better relationship with Edd. Although there has been many episodes where the two have been shown to fight. One such example of this was in the short "The Best Of the Worst Collide" Where he and Edd fight in a random abandoned building. Despite their good relationship, In Ruined, Edd accidentally broke Tom's bass and tried to conceal it from him by burying it. When Tom found out he was shocked.


Tom and Matt have a bit more questionable relationship. Matt tried to kill Tom multiple times, In Halloween Special 05, He was Successful.

In Fun Dead, Matt requested that if he didn't survive, his novelty toy collection would be given to tom, but Tom said if HE didn't survive, he wanted his novelty toy collection burned.

Tom also said multiple times that he hates matt. But they still have a better relationship than Tord and Tom.


  • Out of all four of the main characters of Eddsworld, Tom has the most confirmed kills, totaling at 30.
  • Out of all the main characters, he's died the most, totaling at twelve times. Two of these times, he had killed himself, and all the other times, he was killed by someone else.
  • Tom is left-handed.

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