Tom Card is the ex-mentor, trainer, and handler of Michael Westen turned traitor. Though not seen until the near end of the series, Tom's role in Michael's brother Nate's death and bigger plans effectively makes him a significant treacherous antagonist in the series.

Tom is first introduced in the episode "Mixed Messages" where he seeks Michael assistance in taking care of a drug cartel in Miami. In return Tom gets Michael visit rights to Fiona. Later, he has Fiona released in exchange for an arms dealer.

In the summer finale of the season, he sends Michael and his team on a mission to Panama which turns against them. It's revealed Tom set them up from sniper Tyler Gray and that he had both Anson and Nate killed as the entire mission was a suicide mission. Tom believes Michael and his team have been dealted with until Michael tracks him down and murders him for killing Nate and betraying him.

He is played by