Everything happens to me and I get shot by a child!
~ Tom Chaney after being shot by Maddie.

Thomas "Tom" Chaney is the main antagonist of the 1968 novel True Grit by the late Charles Portis, and its 1969 and 2010 film adaptations of the same name. He plays the same role in all adaptations: The murderer of Mattie's father.

He was portrayed by the late Jeff Corey in 1969 original film, and by Josh Brolin in the 2010 remake, who also played Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Dr. William Block in Planet Terror, Derek Bates in Into the Blue and Cable in Deadpool 2.

Personality and traits

Tom was often described as crafty, cowardly, and manipulative. He has pulled off many crimes before the events of True Grit each one under a different identity. But he never stays where he pulls of the crime ultimately running to Indian territory. He is also Murderous having assassinated a senator, and killed many people before true grit.


Tom Chaney had very few if any loyalties. One of or his only loyalty was to "lucky" Ned Pepper. However he didn't hesitate to defy Pepper's orders when he saw his chance to kill Mattie.


He was depicted with rough black hair and a beard, he also carried a Henry rifle as his main weapon life.


Prior to the events of true grit, Chaney has killed a Texas senator putting Texas ranger LaBoeuf on his tracks. Then He was hired by Mattie's father Frank Ross, However he eventually killed frank and stole his California gold pieces and his horse. He then fled to Indian territory, leaving Mattie thirsty for revenge. At some point he joined Pepper's gang for unknown reasons. Months later Mattie catches up with him and shoots him in the ribs with her father's Colt Dragoon. The shot fails to kill him however, and he takes Mattie to Pepper's camp. There Pepper Goes to fight Mattie's travelling companion, US Marshall Rooster Cogburn. He leaves Chaney with Mattie telling him not to hurt her. Chaney Eagerly Defies Pepper and attempts to strangle Mattie but is knocked out by LaBoeuf. However he soon returns the favor when Mattie and LaBoeuf Are busy watching Cogburn Fight Pepper's gang from a nearby cliff. Mattie then grabs up the incapacitated ranger's Sharps Carbine, and shoots Chaney Square in the chest knocking him off the cliff and ending his life.

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