I’m sorry, who is this dripping all over my living room right now?
~ Tom to Billy.

Thomas "Tom" Holloway is a supporting antagonist and recurring character in the third season of Stranger Things. He was a journalist and the Editor in Chief of the Hawkins Post.

He was portrayed by Michael Park, who is most famously known for his long-running role as Jack Snyder on the CBS soap opera As the World Turns.



Tom Holloway was a journalist and the owner of the Hawkins Post, the newspaper for the town of Hawkins. He married a woman named Janet and they had a daughter named Heather.

Sometime before the summer of 1985, Tom hired Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers at the Hawkins Post. However, due to his team of journalists being mostly male, Tom, along with Bruce Lowe mocked Nancy for being a girl with the dream of becoming a journalist.

When Tom gets captured by Billy and Heather he is transformed into a victim of the Mind Flayer. He later went to the hospital, along with Bruce, killing some of the staff and patients in the upper floor presumably in order to find Doris Driscoll, another victim of the Mind Flayer. Tom and Bruce then encountered Nancy and Jonathan, causing a battle between the pairs.


Tom was a man who always looked for a good story to be published for the newspaper. However, he was a sexist as he treated the women working at the Hawkins Post, especially Nancy Wheeler, with disdain. Ironically, despite his sexism, he cared deeply for his wife and daughter. After becoming one of the Flayed, Tom slowly started losing aspects of his personality and tried to kill both Nancy and Jonathan Byers when the two went to the hospital to see Doris Driscoll.


Heather... sweetie... whatever this is, whatever he's got you into, you don't have to do this. You can stop this.
~ Tom to Heather



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