Major Tom Neville was the secondary antagonist turned anti-hero of the first season, and an anti-hero of the second season of Revolution. He gains the role of the main antagonist of Revolution: Endgame as a grinning man the nano created. Neville is a Major in the Monroe Militia who turned Danny Matheson to Sebastian "Bass" Monroe later Neville defected to the Georgia Federation and is fighting alongside Miles Matheson in the war against the Monroe Militia, in season 2, Neville and Jason become soldiers of the Patriots.

Despite his harsh tendencies Neville does what he can to keep his son Jason Neville as well as his wife Julia alive after the blackout often acting as a father figure to Jason.


Neville was born in the early 1980s and is now mid aged, at some point he got married to Julia Neville and had a son Jason who was born in 2005, he worked as an insurance adjuster when he was fired by his boss after having an insurance company pay for smoke damage, later on the night of the blackout he comes home and asks his neighbor who was throwing a party to turn the music of as it keeps Jason awake he then walks inside where a young Jason embraces him where Julia is making dinner, he shows Jason how to punch on a punching bag when Jason punches the bag, the power goes out, he subsequently calls to Julia.

Around six weeks later during the night, Julia and Tom are in bed, Julia suggests to leave the city, but Neville objects stating there are looters out there, just then his neighbor Rob breaks into his house looking for food Neville questions his motives Jason, having heard the noise, comes downstairs and sees Neville holding up the club in front of Rob, Neville tells his son to go upstairs and Rob tells him to do as well or he will beat up Neville in front of Jason. An angry Neville attempts to hit him with a golf club but Rob grabs it and throws it away, Neville then proceeds to beat Rob to death as Julia and Jason watch in horror.

Having beating up his former Neighbor to death Neville decides they are now not safe at home and that they must leave immediately. Prior to leaving Neville teaches Jason how to use a knife and later a gun, Jason tells Neville he is scared but Neville reassures him otherwise tell him he loves him and states looking weak will make others easy to kill.

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