Tom Wallace

Consider him slimed.
~ Wallace to Carver about blackmailing the president.

Tom Wallace is a minor antagonist of the 1997 James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies. He is a high-ranking executive of the Carver Media Group Network working for Elliot Carver.

He was portrayed by Michael G. Wilson.


Being a close supporter of Carver, Wallace was tasked to arrange and report any news of havoc that would earn lots of ratings. During a meeting with the other executives, Wallace was told by Carver to blackmail the U.S. President into signing over a bill that would lower cable rates with a scandal video of the president with a cheerleader in a hotel room. Wallace happily finds this to be inspiring, even obliging to release the video after the bill is signed. Along with the other executives, Wallace was told of Carver's next intent of raising attention of an imminent war between England and China, thanks to Stamper and Captain Scott commandeering a stealth ship to sink a British frigate and frame the Chinese Air Force for it.

However, this was not the case when James Bond and Wai Lin foiled Carver's next move of sending a stolen British missile into Beijing, destroying the stealth ship and killing Carver and his crew in the process. It is unknown what happened to Wallace and the other executives, either they have lost their jobs and got arrested for their involvement in Carver's plot or may have fled the authorities.



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