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Ain’t gotta tell us how to take out a man.
~ Tomas to Rick after being told how to kill walkers

Tomas is an antagonist from The Walking Dead series. He is a prisoner who survived the outbreak, and later became the the leader of the prisoners. He served as the primary antagonist of the episode Sick.


Tomas is the leader of the five convicts (with Oscar, Andrew, Big Tiny, and Axel) in the prison who develops a hatred of Rick once he planned to take over the prison for his group. Convinced that this prison is the safest place to live, Tomas threatens Rick's group, claiming that the prison belongs to the prisoners, and Rick and his group must leave. After an intense argument, Rick agrees to attain a share of the cafeteria's food in exchange for helping the prisoners clear out walkers from a cell block for the prisoners to live in. During a fight with the walkers, Big Tiny is deeply scratched by a walker - prompting Tomas to kill him by brutally smashing his head in. Rick soon plans to confront Tomas as he gradually becomes aware that Daryl is his next target. unaware that he has overheard his conversation with Daryl over it. During another run-in with the walkers, Rick encounters Tomas when he attempts to kill him. An argumentative confrontation ensues with Tomas telling Rick that the walkers were all over him and Rick says he knows and that "s**t happens". Shortly afterwards, Rick slams his machete through Tomas' head - killing him.


Not much is known about Tomas before the apocalypse, but it’s been known that he is an untrustworthy, sly, hostile and homicidal maniac. He’s also shown to be a cold blooded murderer, shown by the way he brutally killed Big Tiny after he was infected, and when he tried to kill Rick twice.


  • Tomas is the TV adaption of Thomas Richards, though he did not have much of an impact as his comic counterpart murdered two of Hershel Greene’s children.
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