Get him a body bag!
~ Tommy's most famous quote.

Tommy is a supporting antagonist in the original Karate Kid movie. He was a member of the Cobra Kai Dojo and Johnny Lawrence's gang.

He was portrayed by the late Rob Garrison.


Pre Karate Kid

Tommy had feelings for Johnny Lawrence's eventually ex-girlfriend Ali, and joined the Cobra Kai Dojo so that he would be able to develop the courage to ask her out. He faced johnny in the finals of a tournament in 1983 (possibly The All Valley). Despite losing to Johnny, he gave Johnny a tough fight.

Karate Kid

Tommy repeatedly bullies and harasses Daniel LaRusso. He faces Daniel in the fourth round of the All Valley tournament. While he is able to score a point against Daniel, the latter manages to defeat him. He vocally expresses support for Johnny Lawrence during the semifinals and finals, though Johnny loses to Daniel in the finals.

Karate Kid 2

When his and Johnny's instructor Kreese berates Johnny for losing to Daniel in the tournament, Tommy defends Johnny and pleads with Kreese to forgive him. When Kreese chokes Johnny Tommy tells him to let him go, but Kreese angrily hits him. 

Karate Kid 3

Tommy is not present, but it is likely that he left the dojo following Kreese's assault against him and Johnny.

Cobra Kai

Season 1

Despite not appearing in the present time, he appears in flashbacks, and is mentioned by Johnny to his top student Miguel Diaz.

Season 2

It is revealed that Tommy has been diagnozed with Hopice and does not have much time to live. Tommy spends the day hanging out with his former Cobra Kai friends Johnny, Bobby Brown  and Jimmy. Tommy ends up dying peacefully in his sleep which saddens the others.


Tommy is the most vocal member of the Cobra Kai. From time to time he yells out of joy or anger. However, over 3 decades later Tommy is much more calm and peaceful. He spends his final day happily hanging out with his friends. He then dies peacefully in his sleep.


  • According to Cobra Kai producer Jon Hurwitz, Tommy was potentially scheduled to appear in the show's third season portrayed by Rob Garrison again. Unfortunately, those plans didn't materialize due Garrison's death in 2019.


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