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Thomas Francis "Tommy Bucks" Buckley is the catalyst for the TV show Justified. He is a high-ranking member of the Miami Drug cartel and a federal fugitive. He was portrayed by Peter Greene, who also played Dorian Tyrell in The Mask, D.J Wheeler in Black Cat Run, Deacon in Blue Streak and Zed in Pulp Fiction.


Prior to the events of the show, Bucks and US marshal Raylan Givens were both searching for the same man: money launderer Roland Pike, who was on the run from the mob. After both of them traced him to Nicaragua, Bucks kidnapped Raylan and forced him to watch as he tied another man to a tree before placing a stick of dynamite in his mouth and threatening to blow the man's head up if Raylan didn't tell him where Pike was. Although Raylan complied, Bucks blew the man's head up anyway out of sadism.

Several years later in the Season One premier "Fire in the Hole", Raylan corners Bucks and gives him 24 hours to leave Miami or else he'll kill him. Bucks responds by pulling a gun, but Raylan shoots him in the chest and kills him. This results in Raylan's transfer to Harlan, and, by extension, the events of the show.


  • Although Bucks only appeared in one episode, he served as the heavy as he was responsible for Raylan's transfer to Harlan and the events of the show.
  • Despite being the villain with the least screen time, he is the most frequently mentioned character in the series.
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