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If you're looking for an apology Den, I am really sorry that I hurt your daughter!
~ Tommy Grant feigns an apology to Vicki's father Den Watts, shortly before the latter beats him up for cheating on Vicki and trying to turn her against her family.

Tommy Grant is a fictional character and minor antagonist of the long-running British soap opera EastEnders. He appeared as a supporting antagonist in 2004 from September to November of that year.

He is portrayed by Robert Cavanah.


Tommy Grant is a college tutor who ended up meeting one of the students, Vicki Fowler, in September 2004. They soon became closely reacquainted and Tommy quickly seduced Vicki into having a relationship despite their large age difference; as Tommy was 48 and Vicki is 18 at the time. She later took him to meet her half-brother Dennis Rickman, their adopted sister Sharon Watts, and their stepmother Chrissie Watts in Walford - whereupon Dennis' friend and local crime boss Andy Hunter was due to marry his wife Sam Mitchell in the square.

When Vicki introduces Tommy to her family, however, they all expressed distrust in their relationship due to the age difference. Sharon called this out and Chrissie later demanded Tommy to break up with Vicki, but Tommy refused and continued to seduce Vicki - planning to turn her against her family in the process. Soon enough, Chrissie and Dennis teamed up to investigate Tommy's character and they soon learned that he is a womanizer who constantly seduces and cheats on women. They catch him meeting up with one of the women and summon Vicki to try and expose his nature, but Vicki defends Tommy after he claims that the other woman is his daughter.

It soon becomes clear, however, that Tommy has romantic feelings for Chrissie. She instantly notices this and decides to let him continue his affections in an elaborate plan to help Vicki see Tommy's true colors. Later on, Vicki's father and Chrissie's estranged husband Den Watts returns to Walford after a few months away. Den soon learns about Vicki's relationship with Tommy and he too objects to this as well as Chrissie's plan, but she convinces him to let her plan come to fruition in order to make Vicki see the extent of Tommy's cheating ways.

When Tommy later claims to Vicki that he plans on taking her to Thailand to start anew and she informs her family about this, Chrissie sets her plan in motion. She seduces Tommy into having sex with her in the toilets, but not before summoning Vicki into catching them red-handed. This works successfully and Vicki finally realizes that Tommy never truly loved her. She rejects his offer, breaks up with him, and leaves Tommy to get humiliated in the toilets. At first Vicki is angry with Chrissie for her actions, but they reconcile after Vicki comes to realize that Chrissie had her stepdaughter's best interests at heart.

The next day, Tommy prepares to leave Walford on his own. However, he is led into having a confrontation with Den at the nightclub Angie's Den - with Den determined to get payback on Tommy for what he did to both Vicki and Chrissie respectively. Tommy feigns an apology to Den, but then decides to fight him after Den promptly rejects this apology. The confrontation ends with Den beating up Tommy despite the latter managing to hit him once. Afterwards, Den orders Tommy to leave Walford for good and never come back; Tommy complies as he leaves the square to start anew on his own in Thailand.



  • He made a total of 14 appearances during his time on the show.