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Tommy Harris is a fictional character and major protagonist of the ITV British Soap Opera Coronation Street. He appeared in 2002 along with his family and gradually evolved into an anti-hero up until his departure in 2005.

The character was portrayed by Thomas Craig.


Tommy Harris first came to Weatherfield in 2002 along with his wife Angelica and their two children - 16-year-old daughter Katy and 12-year old son Craig. It soon transpired that the family are living in Witness Protection Program under the surname alias "Nelson" because thay are on the run from criminals. Eventually they are found out, but the family are rescued and soon they begin to settle themselves in the street. By then, Tommy has befriended local mechanic Kevin Webster and is soon employed by the latter to work at his automobile shop.

In 2003, Tommy becomes close friends with his colleague Martin Platt from the automobile shop. Their friendship soon gets better when Tommy helps Martin rescue his ex-wife Gail and their son David, along with Gail's daughter Sarah and the latter's infant daughter Bethany, from the clutches of Gail's villainous former husband Richard Hillman - no sooner after it had transpired that Richard is a fraudulent serial killer who left his business partner Duggie Ferguson to die from a fatal accident before proceeding to kill his own ex-spouse Patricia and then local barmaid Maxine Peacock. The ordeal ends when Richard kidnaps Martin's family and, as Martin and Tommy give chase, drives them into a canal in an attempt to kill them along with himself in a familicide-suicide attempt. However, Tommy helps Martin rescue his family before attempting to get Richard out of the water - only to find him missing before the police eventually confirm that Richard has died after drowning from the impact.

From then onwards, it seems as though as Tommy and Martin would remain firm friends as well as close colleagues. But that all changed when Tommy finds out that his daughter Katy has begun an underage relationship with Martin and that he went along with the romance. It is then Tommy and Martin become sworn enemies to the point where they often clash and Tommy attempts to split up Katy and Martin after refusing to accept their relationship. As such, Tommy's vendetta against Martin gradually causes him to grow increasingly estranged from both Angelica and Kevin respectively. In 2004, Tommy accuses Angelica of cheating on him with his boss Danny Baldwin until it is revealed to be a misunderstanding.

In 2005, Tommy's grudge for Martin continues to build when he gets Katy pregnant with their child. It is then Tommy hatches a plan to split them up when he finds that Kevin's wife Sally has cheated on him with another man - whom Tommy suspects is Martin due to him and Sally spending close time together for years. Tommy fabricates an elaborate story to Katy that Martin has cheated on her with Sally and eventually convinces her to have an abortion - mostly to get revenge on Martin. Soon enough, Martin learns about the abortion and dumps Katy when she accuses him of cheating on her - as perstaged by her father in order to settle his quest for good.

However, Tommy's achievment would lead to disasterous consequences. First he and Angelica learn from Gail that Martin is not the man whom Sally is having an affair with behind Kevin's back. Angelica soon realizes that Tommy went along with his plan anyway without a second thought and they argue until Tommy storms out of the house. Thereupon Katy learns the truth and apologizes to Martin, but he dismisses her and she blames her father for what has happened. Later on that night, Katy confronts her father and they have a heated argument when Tommy shows no remorse for what he did - which he claims to have done for Katy. The argument ends in tragedy when Tommy begins badmouthing Martin that ultimately leads to Katy hitting her father with a wrench, fatally injuring him just as Angelica walks in on the scene.

Moments later, Tommy dies of his injuries and Angelica helps Katy cover up the crime. The next day, Tommy's death becomes public knowledge and the police begin investigating the circuimstances behind his death. Martin is initially accused of killing Tommy and is arrested, but later gets released without charge when the authorites speculate that one of the family members is the culprit. Katy decides to confess the truth, but Angelica stops her by falsely claiming to have killed Tommy herself - so the police arrest Angelica and she is jailed after being charged for the crime. Katy later struggles to cope with her guilt and writes a confession to the police before committing suicide. Although the police learn about Katy's confession, Angelica remains held in custody due to helping cover-up the truth about Tommy's murder.


  • He made a total of 238 appearences during his time on the show.
  • Tommy Harris was a supporter of Sheffield Wednesday football club.