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Thomas "Tommy" Marcano is a major antagonist in Mafia 3. He is a caporegime in the Marcano Crime Family and the youngest of the four Marcano brothers.



Tommy was born in New Bordeaux, Louisiana, in 1924. His father was Valerio Marcano, a low-level enforcer for the Carillo Crime Family. His parents were dirt poor, and he lived with his siblings in a shanty in the neighborhood of River Row. Of the four Marcano brothers, Tommy was the youngest, with Lou Marcano being 16 at the time of Tommy's birth. He and his brothers emulated their father from the start, getting involved in juvenille delinquincy and other crimes from an early age. At one point, Tommy's three older brothers were convicted of breaking and entering and sentenced to unspecified terms of imprisonment in the state peninteniary in Cordoba, Louisiana. Tommy was not an accomplice to that crime, arguably because of his young age. When his brothers Louis, Lucio, and Sal were sent up the river, Tommy was still in elementary school. Tommy had been considered a troublemaker by his teachers, and was ordered to repeat the sixth grade due to truancy and constant disruptive behavior.

During adolescence, Tommy seemed to have tempered his bad attitude to some extent. He graduated high school, likely without committing major disciplinary issues. By this time his parents were dead and his brothers had established the Marcano Crime Family.

Sal had seemed to have high regard for Tommy, likely as he was the "baby of the family". After Tommy finished his education Sal had ruled the underworld of New Bordeaux. The political clout and immense money he made from this made him more successful than his parents, and with his ill-gotten wealth he tried to convince Tommy of a better path in life. Sal considered Tommy a "smart kid" and urged him to use his brain for something legitimate. He encouraged Tommy to become a respected professional, then find employment at a reputable law or accounting firm and "do something useful with your life", such as working for a noted business or even running for political office. Sal also promised to pay Tommy's way through the university. Tommy however, disagreed with that idea and wanted to join his brothers. Sal approved that course of action and sent Tommy to Cuba, which at the time was very profitable for mobsters, especially gambling, having been known as "Latin Las Vegas". Also sent to Cuba was older mobster Frank Pagani , who served as a mentor to the young Tommy. The regime of Fulgencio Batista was very profitable for organized crime, and by all accounts Tommy did "a bang-up job" managing the Marcanos' Cuban casino.

However, all that changed in the Cuban Revolution of 1959, when communism made sweeping changes to the country. Fidel Castro turned all farms, ranches, and fishing wharves into collectives, voided all leases and mortgages, and nationalized many businesses in Cuba. Casinos did not fare well in Cuba, in fact when the rebels reached Havana, one of their first targets was the casinos. The rebels smashed the barricaded doors, forcing their way into the air-conditioned, plushly carpeted casinos, and smashing up card tables and slot machines. The casinos had been prime targets due to their association with corruption, decadence, greed, and wasted money. As one of the natives later remarked, "By the time the sun came up on January 2nd, {1959}, you could not find one pair of matching dice in Havana". The nascent Castro regime had also been as oppressive as any other, ordering opponents (or suspected opponents) jailed and executed. The communists marked all American gangsters for death, which included Tommy Marcano. Frank Pagani had connections with the Cuban police. Calling in forces still loyal to Batista, the Cuban authorities grabbed Tommy before Castro's goons could kill him. Tommy was smuggled out of Cuba. Upon his return to the States, an overjoyed Sal Marcano was happy to see his brother home in one piece. Although the loss of their Cuban casinos was a big financial hit for the Mafia, Sal praised Tommy for good work. He felt Tommy had proved himself and gave him control of the Southdowns district of New Bordeaux. As a reward for getting Tommy to safety, Sal Marcano promoted Frank Pagani to lieutenant and awarded him control of the Tickfaw Harbor district.

Tommy runs two rackets in Southdowns. One is a red market where goons steal items, namely electronic equipment and household appliances, then "fence" them by selling them on the street. This allows the middle-class residents of Southdowns to be able to afford "a Frisco Fields lifestyle" by buying stolen furs and other luxury items, as well as allowing the lower-class residents of River Row, Delray Hollow, and Bayou Fantom goods that are normally out of their budgets, such as toasters and television sets. The other is a gambling racket, which harkened back to his days in Cuba. Though less glamourous then the casino he managed in Havana, it still is a good moneymaking venture. Sal has been pleased that Tommy had made money from Southdowns, which is generally considered to be a middle-class neighborhood. Tommy also owns a gymnasium where he hosts illegal boxing matches, known as "jungle fights", where black boxers fight for the amusement of white men. One such boxer was named Alcee Bennett, who had once been a member of the Black Mob under Sammy Robinson until he was caught skimming. He was kicked out of the Black Mob and banished from Delray Hollow, the neighborhood he grew up in. At some point he fell in with Tommy Marcano as a boxer, and had been so proficient that when he got too old and weak for active boxing Tommy gave him a job as a fight promoter, going around the city looking for new athletes to participate in the jungle fights. Although Alcee seems to be a good boxing manager, he was also warned by Tommy's men that should he falter in his duties they would "throw your tired old broken down butt back in the ring!"

When Lincoln Clay had a vendetta against Sal Marcano, he had Southdowns in his sight. Prior to this, he had attacked Tickfaw Harbor and fought Frank Pagani, whom before dying confessed that Giorgi Marcano had stolen printing plates from the Federal Reserve. Lincoln, who participated in the grand theft as well, realized there was more than meets the eye, as he expected to steal several million dollars. While Marcano wanted that as well, the ill-gotten money had only been "icing on the cake". Now Sal Marcano had a means to counterfeit as much money as he wished, where he was likely going to use it to cover construction and other costs of building a casino from the ground up. However, Sal Marcano had no printing skllls. As Lincoln Clay's sidekick John Donovan later testified before the U.S. Senate, Marcano originally attempted to do the counterfeiting himself, but he failed to duplicate money properly. He then delegated the counterfeiting responsibility to Tommy. Tommy used connections he made in Cuba to hire a printer named Alvarez, who had been conscripted by Fidel Castro's government into making counterfeit American money as part of an effort to sabotage the US economy. Frank Pagani smuggled Alvarez into the States, where he settled into Tickfaw Harbor and was put to work. However, by coincidence, Lincoln lost his chance to get to Alvarez, as Tommy Marcano needed Alvarez to do some work at his printing press in the Acadia Gym in Southdowns, and had picked him up fifteen minutes prior to Lincoln's assault on Pagani.

Tommy continued overseeing his two rackets. His management style had been to put the rackets under a microscope at first, but then when he was confident his underlings could get the work done, then take a more "hands off" approach. John Donovan remarked that Tommy is not the kind of guy "who shits where he eats", and as such took a calculated, intelligent approach to being a Mafioso. Tommy has turned a good profit while being able to stay quiet, and as such is much less dependent on police graft than the lieutenants or other two capos, Olivia Marcano and Louis Marcano, who are also his respective sister-in-law and brother. Tommy has installed two racket bosses, Arthur "Sweetmeat" Higgins and John "Two Dicks" Peralta, to respectively run his red market and gambling rackets.

Lincoln Clay attacks Southdowns through the help of two contacts. One is a boxer known as Daniel "Sweet Danny" Little, whose training for an upcoming fight was derailed when "Two Dicks" pressured him into taking a dive. The other contact is a department store owner known as Grant Perdue, who conspired to get his trucks hijacked by Artie Higgins for insurance fraud, only Artie would not quit. Lincoln dismantled both rackets and diverted the questionable loyalty of both Higgins and Peralta away from the Marcanos. The attacks in Southdowns frightened Alvarez, who fled to Bayou Fantom. John Donovan wiretapped an international call Alvarez placed, which he later translated for Lincoln Clay (who could not speak Spanish). Donovan deciphered that Alvarez reached out to a Cuban smuggler named Zarranga, who was Alvarez's uncle, for help in getting him back to his native Cuba. Zarraga promised to send a boat and told him to wait by the Anderson Bay Lighthouse. What Alvarez failed to realize was that Zarranga's loyalty was greater to Tommy Marcano than to his own nephew, as he had been a policeman under the Batista regime who help Frank Pagani smuggle Tommy Marcano away from Cuba and had provided heavy security to Marcano's casino when Batista was still in power. Zarraga called Sal Marcano to inform him where Alvarez had scurried off, who in turn called his brother Tommy and demanded Alvarez be recaptured. Lincoln then got to the Anderson Bay Lighthouse pronto. Through an uneasy understanding and language barrier, Alvarez realized Lincoln was not there to hurt him and that he had been used by the Marcanos. However, their escape was blocked by hordes of Tommy Marcano's men, who fought Lincoln and later chased him by car. Shaking off the pursuers, Lincoln took Alvarez to the French Ward to explain the situation to Father James. The good Monsignor was reluctant at first, but when he realized the nonimmigrant had been through a lot and has nowhere else to go, he agreed to help, replying in Spanish that his door was open, and Alvarez responded in his native tongue to show thanks for the invitation. Father James explains that he has a Jesuit friend who helps refugees, and he will take Alvarez to see him in New Mexico.

When Sal Marcano learned of Alvarez's disapperance, he was furious. He called Tommy to his office for a dressing down. Tommy's orders were to recapture Alvarez alive (although it would have been likely Sal Marcano would have had Alvarez assassinated upon successful completion of the counterfeiting in order to ensure his silence, as Lincoln surmised during the rescue when he was trying to earn Alvarez's trust). Sal then asked where are the money plates, to which Tommy answered at his gymnasium in Southdowns. Sal asked who is guarding the press and plates, to which Tommy sheepishly responded "No one". Sal angrily called Tommy an idiot and ordered him to get over to the Acacia Gym and guard the counterfeiting materials. Sal ended his tirade with the importance of counterfeiting to finance mounting counting construction costs. Later, John Donovan remarked to Lincoln that Tommy was back at the gym overseeing the jungle fights as managing an illegal boxing ring was his last source of income, and that cancelling the fights would have caused Tommy to lose face in the underworld, which he could not risk.

Lincoln sought out Alcee Bennett, who was eating a meal at the Briar Patch. Alcee was happy to see Lincoln after being presumed dead and the subsequent disbanding of the Black Mob, but when he expressed his condolences for Ellis and Sammy Lincoln angrily said not to say their names. Alcee whined that he has been an outsider in Delray Hollow, his childhood neighborhood, having been banished by Sammy. Lincoln said Alcee had to face the music as a result of his defalcation from the Black Mob. When Alcee said he could not so much as visit his terminally ill mother, Lincoln somewhat more sympathetically said his plans: that he wanted in on the jungle fights. Somewhat taken aback, Alcee wondered why, to which Lincoln said the why is not important, just that Alcee as a fight manager will get him past Tommy's guards. In exchange, Alcee will be forgiven for his past sins and be free to come and go in Delray Hollow as he pleases. Alcee took Lincoln to the Acadia Gym, where he registered Lincoln as a fighter under the name "Jackknife Johnson". Lincoln fights two brawlers named Bobby Ledoux and Nick "Boom Boom" Beaumont. He then is then pitted against the current champion of the jungle fights, "Gravedigger" Vaughn. After defeating Vaughn, Lincoln meets up with Alcee, who says he is about to leave and that Tommy Marcano meets with all new champions to give them their purse and to see if they were a one-time deal or if they should be kept on in the jungle fights.


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