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You know what I do to squealers? I let 'em have it in the belly, so they can roll around for a long time thinkin' it over.
~ Tommy Udo while questioning Mrs. Rizzo for the location of her son

Tommy Udo​​ is the main antagonist in the 1947 crime film Kiss of Death. In the film, Tommy Udo is a sadistic, murderous and psychopathic gangster who also works as a Hitman for the criminal underworld.

He is portrayed by the late Richard Widmark, who also portrayed Lanfranco Cassetti.


Nothing is known on Tom Udo's early life before joining the mob. What is know is that he worked as both a drug dealer, and occasional hitman. It's implied that during an unknown point in time, Udo became addicted to and a regular user of the very drugs that he was selling which might have further unhinged the already unstable man. Udo slowly aquired a reputation in the underworld as a violent, sadistic, criminal known for his habit of constantly giggling to himself.

Udo is however revealed himself to be a cruel and misogynistic killer, as he pushes a crippled Rizzo down a staricase in her flat, killing her. He arranges to meet up with Nick after watching a boxing match with his wife. As Tommy's wife asks Nick in the restaurant if she has any familiarity with him. Much to Tommy's disgrace he harasses her with his bigoted cruelty, and soon dismisses her from the table, beguiling with Nick at the same time. Nick and Tommy discuss their crimes and friendship together, only into leading Nick finding a despicability in Udo with his odious behaviour.

Nick realizes that the New York is not a safe place for Nettie and his children to live in. He sets up a holiday for them and allows them to take the train and leave New York. Nick svears an otal that he will come after them when the confilct against Udo is over.

Tommy and his body guards follow the trial of Nick to the New York restaurant, but Nick manages hides from them before they breach the place and neutralize him. Tommy inadvertenly proceeds with the murder scheme, by sitting by a lonely table, waiting a sign of his adversary. Nick appears however, outside the building when Tommy and his men determine to leave. They open fire on Nick while Tommy giggles, his final laughter. Nick had however set up a trap for the felons with the police arriving and seizing them.

Refusing to be vanquished, Udo drives off as quickly as possible. He fails as he crashes with another police car and his two men are killed. Anguibly jumping out of the car and running away, without ammo, he is shot and wounded in action, and later being imprisoned.


  • Tommy Udo is well known for his constant giggling to himself, which has been compared to The Joker.
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