Thomas "Tommy" Vercetti (born 1951) is the main playable character of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.



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Tommy was born in Liberty City and at some point met and befriended local thug Sonny Forelli, whose gang he later joined. Around 1971, Sonny had grown jealous of Tommy's rapid rise in notoriety and organized an ambush in Harwood, Liberty City. The ambush proved unsuccessful as Tommy ended up slaying all fifteen of his attackers, earning him the nickname "The Harwood Butcher". He ended up imprisoned for his crimes and served time until 1986 when the game's story takes place. 

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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Tommy had a far more ruthless personality than Claude or CJ. Unlike Claude's little personality or C.J's sympathetic personality, Tommy was depicted as a full blown sociopath capapble, and fully willing to commit heinous acts of violence with no regrets.


Tommy has the appearance of a light-skinned, black haired man in his mid-thirties. He usually has his hair styled neatly and frequently wears a blue Hawaiian shirt. He bears a striking resemblance to fellow GTA protagonist Michael De Santa.  


  • While Tommy is, like several villains of the series, a villain protagonist, is probably the most primal and brutal of the entire series, and is considered sometimes the most brutal and badass one.
  • Unlike the other protagonists, Tommy isn't above dealing drugs and the game's plot mostly revolves around Tommy seizing control of Vice City from the criminals who previously controlled it. Another trait of Tommy is that feel no remorse moving to liquidate their victims, including whether they are friends or not. And apparently, one of the most evil actions is when the leader of the bikers (Mitch Baker) orders him to go outside to eliminate anyone to show the people who is boss.


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