Tomoe Marguerite is a villainess in Mai-Otome.

Tomoe tried to bump Nina Wang from her top spot and aspires in eliminating Arika through underhanded means. She often disguises her malicious intentions under an image of perfection. Everyone, except the older Otome Shizuru (whom she has feelings for), and Chie know of it as a cover up. She also lead a group of Schwarz-controlled Otome which is known as the Valkyries. She later strikes a deal with the occupying Artai military force to take the arrested Shizuru. She then uses this to her own advantage that she thought that she had Shizuru to herself. Eventually, it seemed as though everyone was against her, and she also found out that Shizuru used her, and that she had no real feelings for her. It was also revealed that the reason to why she wanted to kill Arika was because she thought of her as a rival to the older Otome's affection. After Marguerite injures Chie, her robe is broken, and she seemingly falls to her death. However, when Sakomizu breaks was about to place the corpse in a body bag, she quickly gets up and screams at him.