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{{Partners in Crime
{{Partners in Crime
|image = E4-6.jpg
|image = E4-6.jpg
|size = 200
|fullname = Tomoo's Partners
|fullname = Tomoo's Partners
|alias = Bullies<br>
|alias = Bullies<br>
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Assisted animal cruelty<br>
Assisted animal cruelty<br>
Accomplice to canicide<br>
Accomplice to canicide<br>
|type of villains = Abusive Henckids
|type of villains = Abusive Henckids}}
|size = 300
{{Quote|The ones who aren't human...the ones who aren't people...are you!|Lucy to the bullies and the girl before she dismembers them as revenge.}}
{{Quote|The ones who aren't human...the ones who aren't people...are you!|Lucy to the bullies and the girl before she dismembers them as revenge.}}
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*They are quite similar to the [[Wall Street Three]] in ''Joker''. Both cruelly bully someone who is treated poorly, only to get killed by them.
*They are quite similar to the [[Wall Street Three]] in ''Joker''. Both cruelly bully someone who is treated poorly, only to get killed by them.
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{{Elfen Lied Villains}}
{{Elfen Lied Villains}}
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The ones who aren't human...the ones who aren't people...are you!
~ Lucy to the bullies and the girl before she dismembers them as revenge.

Tomoo's Partners are a duo (or possibly a trio) of children that were minor, but ultimately significant antagonists in the anime and manga Elfen Lied, making their anime debut appearance in the eighth episode of the anime. Led by another child named Tomoo, they tormented and made the young Kaede (better known to most readers/viewers as Lucy after she snapped, though this only became her name much later) to the point of being miserable while they were all at the same orphanage, which was located in or near the seaside town of Kamakura, Japan.

Young Lucy called it a place of misery where other miserable children sought out anyone more miserable than themselves. Arguably, the dismissive and contemptuous attitude she received from the teachers and staff there further encouraged the bullying. While most there either taunted or isolated Lucy, Tomoo and his gang were the worst and most persistent. When young Lucy shut herself down emotionally to deprive her taunters the pleasure of seeing her pain, this only increased her isolation and made Tomoo determined to get a reaction from her. Unknown to anyone, outside the grounds of the orphanage, Kaede/Lucy had found a stray puppy and cared for it, her need to love and be loved met only in this place.

Elfen Lied

He asked you a question, you freak
~ One of the henchkids repeating Tomoo's words.
One day, after Tomoo spilled sour milk in Lucy's backpack, one of Tomoo's buddies knocked Lucy down, till a girl nearby threatened to call a teacher to stop Tomoo. As the two departed with Tomoo, the girl made an offer of friendship to Lucy, offering also to keep her secrets. Desperate to feed her growing puppy, and running out of food for herself as a result, Lucy showed the girl the puppy. The girl promised to help feed it and keep the secret of its existence from people like Tomoo, even directly indicating what might happen to the pup if it was found out.

Yet not much later, Tomoo appeared before Lucy, with the puppy in hand. When it became clear he meant to harm it, the girl appeared and said she would never have told him about it had she known he would hurt it. She apologized to an angry Lucy, but evidence in the series exists that she befriended Lucy for the sole purpose of betraying her confidence.

While his two hench-boys held Lucy's arms, Tomoo, with a grin on his face proceeded to beat the pup to death using a rock (in the manga) or a vase (in the anime). He further taunted Lucy that he was sorry the puppy hadn't held out longer (blatant lie). Looking over at the girl who she had briefly believed was her friend, Lucy saw her covering her face, supposedly in horror at the puppy's death, but with eye-spaces to peek through, and a small smile on her face. The source of this smile, whether glee or nerves, is as much a matter of debate as her reasons for revealing the puppy's existence, but both things place her as a possible partner to Tomoo.

These children were unaware that they had only seconds to live.

For Lucy, this was the last straw, and in rage, she unleashed a power she hadn't fully known she had - invisible arms made of telekinetic force. Screaming out that they were the ones who weren't 'real people', Lucy killed all four children and then left the orphanage forever, pausing only to bury her puppy and apologize for not being able to protect it.

Tomoo and the other bullies (including possibly the girl, assuming she wasn't just loose-lipped) created a monster that day, and the rage in Lucy's heart would kill many thousands of people, including, sadly, the family of the only boy she ever loved, not long after this incident, spurred on by the mistrust the bullies had placed in her heart. In moments of doubt and pain, Lucy would sometimes hallucinate and see the horribly mutilated bodies of Tomoo and the girl taunting and teasing her yet again (These could be their ghosts.). The hench-bullies were not part of these hallucinations.

While the direct responsibility for breaking Kaede into Lucy rests with Tomoo, and possibly the girl, assuming she was part of a plan, the two secondary bullies have a burden all their own, and seemed to have no qualms about doing what Tomoo directed. Personality-wise, they were not distinct in any way from Tomoo, almost being like extra arms themselves. As their brief lives show, an unthinking follower can be a villain just as much as a schemer and plotter can.

Physical Appearance

The first of Tomoo's henchkids is about as big as Tomoo himself is. He has a white T-shirt and green cargo shorts. His hair is dark brown and short.

The last bully also matches Tomoo himself in size. He has the same hair that Tomoo does, only slightly smoother and longer. His outfit consists of a pink shirt and blue jean shorts.

Names in other languages

Language Name Origin
Spanish Los Compañeros Tomoyus
  • Genitive: Loro Compañeroro Tomoyus
  • Dative/Ablative: Loyes Compañeries Tomoyus
"Tomoo's Partners" (El Compañero means "partner" or "companion".)
Portuguese Os Parceiros Tomonus
  • Genitive: Lorom Parceirorom Tomonus
  • Dative/Ablative: Loyes Parceíries Tomonus
  • Accusative: Los Parceiros Tomonus
"Tomoo's Partners" (O Parceiro means "partner" or "companion".)
Italian I Soci Tomonus
  • Genitive: Loro Socioro Tomonus
  • Dative/Ablative: Loyes Socides Tomonus
  • Accusative: Los Sócios Tomonus
"Tomoo's Partners" (Il Socio means "partner" or "companion".)
Latin Illī Consortēs Tomōnos
  • Genitive: Illōrum Consortium Tomōnos
  • Dative/Ablative: Illīs Consortibus Tomōnos
  • Accusative: Illōs Consortīs Tomōnos
"Tomoo's Partners" (Ille Consors means "partner" or "companion".)





  • Killing animals for fun is said to be a possible sign of future mental disorders in children.
  • Tomoo and the other children in this group of four are massively and disproportionately hated by the Elfen Lied fanbase, to the point many feel Lucy was completely justified in her actions which lead to their destruction and death. The scenes with these characters seem to awaken a visceral sympathy in some.
    • On the other hand, many fans were extremely disturbed by the infamous scene that took place and claimed that no children their age could be so horrid and evil.
    • These characters and Mariko Kurama are completely destroyed as well, unlike most of Lucy's opponents.
  • Tomoo is the only known member of the group to be named in-series and the only one to have more then two lines as well as characterization, with his henchkids being limited to reiterating Tomoo's words.
  • Owing to their minor status, unlike Tomoo and the Orphanage girl, Tomoo's minions did not get a profile and image on the official site.
  • They are quite similar to the Wall Street Three in Joker. Both cruelly bully someone who is treated poorly, only to get killed by them.


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