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Tompkins is a recurring antagonist from the Teen Girl Squad! Internet cartoon. The creators of this cartoon stated in an interview that Tompkins is based on their young cousin who would threaten them with various horrible things. Tompkins has taunted and teased the Teen Girl Squad since their preschool days, and has a tendency to die and be revived throughout the series.

Tompkins is shown to have a sadistic and dangerous side, as seen when he tortures his virtual pets by feeding them until they burst. He lives at home with his mother, a robot in cowboy boots who frequently deserts her son to go searching for a suitable husband. He also has a baby brother named Timkins, who only shows up in one issue.

So-and-So has a crush on Tompkins due to his rebellious and obstinate attitude, and secretly does his homework for him. She asks him out at a party, but he rejects her in order to continue playing his Gameboy; a turtle shell then shoots out of his Gameboy and hits her in the face. 

Tompkins runs a "Hot Lady Escort Service" online called, which is unpopular and frequently hacked. This was later turned into an actual website, but has been taken down.

Appearances and Deaths

Tompkins first appears in Teen Girl Squad Issue 7, where he threatens to hogtie the girls and throw them into "snakewater." He runs away when they confront him, and is later chopped into three pieces for no discernible reason.

He later appears in Issue 13, where his mother asks So-and-So to babysit him and his brother. She and the Teen Girl Squad throw a party and make a mess of his house, and he ends up being squashed by a giant baby. His last words are a plea not to let hs little brother near his videogames.

He is a background character during the Prom Issue, and danced with Color Guard Maiden. At the end of the prom he is sulking and laments that other male characters are being killed off instead of himself; he is later hit with arrows and dies with a big grin on his face.