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My eyes aren't big. I have a small skull. My brain barely fits inside it.
~ Tong Fo

Tong Fo is a recurring antagonist in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness and the only one to give Fung orders.

He was voiced by Jeff Bennett, who also played Jacques von Hämsterviel, Big Bad Wolf, Toucan DanScarecrow, Mr. Smee, Bradley Uppercrust III, 2-D Man, Robert Canler, Dick Hardly, H.A.R.D.A.C., Henri Ennui and Xavier the Villain.


He is a cute, yet malicious loris who appeared in the episode "Jailhouse Panda". Shifu explained to Po that, years ago, Tong Fo got hold of a powerful and destructive weapon known as the War Hammer of Lai Lang. He was stopped by the Furious Five, but the weapon was revealed to be a fake, and Tong Fo has hidden the real weapon somewhere, meaning that he would find if he escapes. Po uses a shift stone to disguise himself as a wanted fugitive and heads to Chor Ghom Prison, where Tong Fo is held captive. At first, Tong Fo buys Po's disguise, but then realizes he is actually the Dragon Warrior. He steals the shift stone and uses it to disguise himself as a prison guard and escapes.

Po escapes with the help of Tong Fo's henchmen and then runs off to find Tong Fo. Meanwhile, Tigress and Monkey find out about the escaped fugitive (who was actually Po), and track him down. Tong Fo and Po arrive at Camelback Mountain, where the war hammer is hidden. Tigress and Monkey arrive and battle Po, believing him to be a fugitive. Po manages to prove to them otherwise by telling them their secrets. Tong Fo emerges from a nearby cave with the war hammer, he then breaks the shift stone, turning him and Po to normal. Po, Tigress, and Monkey fight Tong Fo and his henchmen. Just as they get defeated, Shifu stops the crooks revealing to have used a shift stone to disguise himself as one of Tong Fo's henchmen.


  • Tong Fo and the other criminals were kept in Chor Ghom Prison, the same place where Tai Lung was kept in the first Kung Fu Panda film.
  • Tong Fo was confused to be a mouse lemur once, until it was finally revealed that he's actually a loris.


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