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Toninjinka or Monster Carrot in the Funimation dub is a minor villain from Dragon Ball. He and his two henchmen were terrorizing a small village to the north, when Son Goku, Bulma, and Oolong came to the place while looking for the last Dragon Ball. Goku beats the two henchmen, so they call for their boss, who arrives in the village shortly after. He tricks Bulma into touching him, turning her into a carrot. Goku holds back as Toninjinka threatens to eat Bulma. Yamcha, who was watching the entire scene, decide to intervene, ordering Puar to turn into a bird and steal the carrot. Toninjinka tries to get the carrot back, but Goku gets it first, then beats him. He traps him and his two henchmen, then drops them into the moon. Goku then forces the three to make marshmallow peeps for Earth's children as punishment before he lets them back.

He and his two followers, the moon goes on to be destroyed by Master Roshi, disguise as Jackie Chun.

He was voiced by Hiroshi Ōtake in the Japanese version, and by Ian James Corlett in the Ocean Group dub, Duncan Brannan in the anime and Bill Townsley in Dragon Ball: Origins in the Funimation dub in the English version.


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