Tonio Mateos is one of the secondary antagonists (along with Eddie Escovado and Arturo Rey) of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands first DLC, Narco Road. He is a high-ranking member of the The Santa Blanca Cartel, as well as being known as having the shortest-temper of anyone in the it. He's the head of Los Jinetes Locos within the cartel. As well this position, he is also the personal chauffeur of El Invisible and also provides the cartel with skilled drivers for the land, sea and air smuggling operations.


Tonio Mateos' background is currently redacted and has no prior criminal record, it was presumed that some point in his mid-20s he joined Santa Blanca and rose through the ranks until he became gang boss of Los Jinetes Locos and the personal driver of the cartels secret head of trafficking El Invisible. This is stated by both Karen Bowman and himself. 

Operation: Narco Road

Mateos was the third out of four assigned targets for the Ghost Recon operator. In this time it is assumed that Mateos knew about the deaths of the other 2 men that were trusted by El Invisible. Gaining info on El Invisible was tough for the Ghost Recon Operator as Mateos had sent him on suicide missions for most of the mercenary's time in the Jinetes Locos. But eventually Mateos came to like the mercenary, but word got out that Tonio's own gang preferred the mercenary rather than Mateos. This caused Mateos to become jealous and challenge him to a race to prove who is the true "king" of the gang. The infiltrator then takes one of the gang's cars to finish the challenge, with Mateos following along in a plane, taunting him the whole way. After the Ghost wins the race, an enraged Mateos will fly his plane toward him, but the Ghost draws his D-50 pistol and kills him with a single shot, forcing the plane to crash in front of him. After those turn of events, most of El Invisble's men had fallen, Mateos' death had left the drug lord vulnerable and exposed.

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