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Villain Overview

Man, this party stinks. I f-cking hate these people.
~ Tony's first line and his most famous quote.
Don't shoot. I give up. I'm through with this. Just arrest me and get this over with, ok? I'm done fighting.
~ Tony surrenders while held at gunpoint by Manny Pardo.

Tony, also known as The Tiger, is one of the playable protagonists of the top-down shooter video game Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. He is the aggressive and bloodthirsty leader of The Fans, a group of copycat spree killers wearing animal masks who slaughter criminal gangs for fun to emulate Jacket's murders. Tony never uses weapons when killing people, instead opting to fisticuffs while wearing knuckledusters to efficiently beat his enemies to death in close combat.


As the brash, hot-headed and aggressive leader of the Fans, Tony tends to represent most of the group's negative stereotypes. Seeking action, thrills, and notoriety above all else, Tony is a homicidal, bloodthirsty maniac who gets most of his enjoyment out of brutalizing any criminal gang he and his group come across. Worse yet, all of Tony's actions and his leadership of the Fans stem from a twisted obsession with Jacket, an equally homicidal individual. Even when the Fans carry out missions and favors for other people, sometimes for altruistic goals like the "rescue" of Jack's sister, Tony speaks rather indifferently towards "heroic" deeds, admitting that he is only interested in seeking action from the Fans' missions, and that anything else that comes out of his killings are not of his concern.

Whilst interacting with the Fans, Tony is shown to have a rather dry sense of humor, often responding to ideas he disapproves of with sarcasm, and at other times, snapping at the group out of impatience. While effectively leading the Fans and organizing meetups to plan their killing sprees, Tony is hinted to be something of a slacker within the group, being the only member being unemployed while his friends are said to work at jobs. He also doesn't bother to get the Attack Van fixed for the excuse that it isn't his van, even though he is the van's driver. Another sign of his apparent laziness may also be his alcoholism, as he drinks beer more often than his friends and is always seen slouching in a seat while doing so.

Despite being a brutal and unpleasant individual, Tony genuinely looks out for his group in several ways. He takes careful measures to make sure he and the Fans avoid getting caught by the police and while abrasive, seems to appreciate their company by bantering with them occasionally. As soon as he finds that his friends were killed (mourning over Corey in particular), Tony loses all hope of fighting and willingly attempted to turn himself in to the police when he finds himself outnumbered and outgunned. This not only cements his friendship with the Fans, but also shows he knows when to accept defeat for the sake of his own survival.


Tony is a muscular man assumed to be in his thirties with a buzzcut, a receding hairline, orange eyes and orange eyebrows that indicate that his hair is naturally red. Tony's other facial features include forehead wrinkles, a jutting chin, a cut on his nasal bridge, baggy eyes and a prominent scowl emphasized by his eyebrows hiding his pupils most of the time. He wears a black, short-sleeved shirt, black pants, a pair of brown cowboy boots with spurs, a dark khaki tactical vest, a pair of black fingerless gloves, a pair of spiked knuckledusters he uses in combat, and a bloodied, ripped-up tiger mask which he wears during each of his levels. In Hawaii, he wears a blood-splattered dark green soldier's uniform with his sleeves rolled up.

In his LSD boss form, Tony appears as huge, mutated tiger that crawls on all fours. While the upper half of Tony's body features bulky, human-looking arms with sharp claws (representing his knuckledusters), his lower torso is that of a tiger's backside and hind legs. Tony seems to have a normal bengal tiger's head, but has a functioning human eye in its mouth and a green outline around his two actual eyes. Much like the real Tony, his LSD form wears a black, short-sleeved shirt, except it has two green stripes running down the middle of his back.



Prior to 50 Blessings' attacks in Miami, Tony fought in the Hawaii Conflict alongside his friends and the Ghost Wolves. On March 17th, 1985, Tony is seen drinking beer at a military bar where the Ghost Wolves are present.

Long after the war is over, the ultranationalist organization, 50 Blessings, singlehandedly destroys the Russian Mafia by coercing masked killers into raiding their criminal hideouts through the use of threatening phone calls. The most infamous and successful of these masked killers, Jacket, earns the worship of Tony and his freinds in the process, perceiving him as a hero. Tony even owns a bloodied, torn tiger mask that he claims belonged to Jacket. With the group's adoration for Jacket escalating into homicidal obsession, Tony forms the Fans and decides to copy the man's crimes, eventually stealing a PhoneHom van from police custody and decorating it with 50 Blessings graffiti. Under his leadership, the Fans even keep multiple phones at a desk in their bar in hopes that one day, the group receives a phone call instructing them to commit murders. Despite modeling himself after Jacket and 50 Blessings' killing sprees, Tony seems to be completely unaware of the context behind Jacket's murders and 50 Blessings' jingoistic motives, simply going along with his massacres for sadistic thrills and notoriety.

Digital Comic

In Issue 1 of the Digital Comic, the Fans watch the news following the aftermath of Jacket's attack on the Russian Mafia's villa. While the Fans criticize the arrest of Jacket and the media's input on his crimes, Tony urges his friends not to worry, since it now means that it's time for them to rise up and continue Jacket's work in his stead, thus beginning their killing sprees.

In Issue 4, Tony drives around the streets of Miami in the "Attack Van" with the Fans, searching for any criminal hideout they can invade. He tells the Fans to be quiet to listen to a news report on the radio of a human trafficking operation being discovered at docks by the authorities. Driving out to the general area, Tony remarks that Russians are behind the human trafficking operation while Ash spots a light coming from a seemingly abandoned warehouse. Parking up at the warehouse, Tony and the Fans head inside to look for nearby gang activity. Understanding that the group will need a plan, Tony asks Corey to scout ahead. However, Corey spots a gang member gives chase, prompting Tony to tell the Fans the forget about planning and follow after her. Stumbling upon a masked gang unloading cargo from a truck, the Fans immediately start slaughtering them through whatever means necessary.

Engaging in a battle with the gang inside the warehouse, Tony orders the Fans to split up to even the odds against the gang. While the gang's numbers dwindle, Tony is suddenly grappled by a large thug, but Mark pulls the thug off of Tony and slams his head into the ground. Before Alex tries to finish the hoodlum off, Tony stops her and insists that they should leave one of the thugs alive to "send a message" to Miami about their newfound quest for fame. As the Fans head back home, Tony tortures the gang member by chaining him to the front of the Attack Van and drives through the streets of Miami with him, causing his feet to be ripped apart.

October, 1991

On October 31st, the Fans host an animal mask-themed Halloween party at their bar. In spite of the festivities, Tony grow immensely bored of the party, expressing his disdain for the guests they invited over. To lift group's spirits, Mark asks if they are going to kill another gang of criminals. Tony is quick to agree to the plan for their night, and while Corey is hesitant about the idea, Ash enthusiastically convinces Tony and the rest of the gang to raid a gang hideout. Alex prepares the Attack Van for Tony, who takes the wheel and drives off with the Fans.

Due to the massive decline in the Russian Mafia's activity, the Fans are left to improvise with their vigilante rampages by targeting petty gangs who have taken over the bulk of the Russian Mafia's weaker criminal operations. As such, Tony drives his group to NW 188th Street, a gang-owned electronics workshop. Dependent on the player selecting him as the playable character, Tony charges in, slaughters all of the thugs occupying the hideout and flees the crime scene with his friends. Tony waits inside the van while Mark orders three pizzas for the gang.

November, 1991


On November 11th, Tony and the rest of the Fans make a cameo appearance in Hank's bar alongside many other playable characters. Tony drinks with the Fans at a table littered with empty beer bottles. Despite "Subway" chronologically taking place before "Death Wish", the Fans seem to be conveying their "defeat" at the bar, since "Subway" is played right after "Death Wish" where the downfall of the Fans occur.


As a result of the Russian Mafia engaging in a violent gang war with the Colombians, one of the Russian Mafia's enforcers, the Henchman, is sent to wipe out a gang running chop shop on NW 32nd Avenue. The gang that occupied the chop shop withdrew their money owed to the Russian Mafia and instead started kicking it up to the Colombians, thus resulting in the gang getting murdered. However, the owner of the chop shop, Andy, is a friend and business associate of the Fans. As a result of the Henchman deciding to spare Andy after taking off with the gang's bag of money, Andy runs off and notifies the Fans of what has happened. He offers the Fans a favor in the future in exchange for killing the Henchman as payback for raiding his chop shop.

With the Fans tracking the Henchman down to a gang-occupied drug den on NE 14th Avenue, Tony swerves outside the den and, depending on the player selecting him as the playable character, rushes inside and begins the assault. Brutalizing all of the gang members present at the hideout, Tony joins the Fans as they corner the Henchman in a small room in the center of the building. He finds the Henchman highly intoxicated on a new hallucinogenic drug, crushed that his girlfriend had abandoned him, stealing his car and money in the process. With the Henchman simply rambling in a drug-induced haze, Tony stands back and allows his group to viciously tear the Henchman apart.

December, 1991


On December 2nd, Tony sets up a meeting with the Fans to plan their next killing spree. Knowing that Ash has an idea to raid "somewhere special" for the night, Tony lets him pitch his idea. Having scouted ahead, Ash explains that his friend, Jack, has found that a derelict hideout ran by violent "junkies and low-lives" is being visited by his sister. As a favor owed to Jack, Ash suggests they should put the gang in their place and rescue Jack's sister, who is now living there in squalor. Apathetic about the girl's plight, Tony is immediately hesitant about the idea, stating that he is not interested in being a "hero" by rescuing women, reaffirming that he only wants to raid a gang's hideout for the thrills. Ash retorts that they have carried out favors for other people before with no complaints and need something better to do than patrol the streets to avoid the attention of the police. With Alex impatiently convincing Tony that there is nothing else better to do for the night, Tony agrees to go along with the raid on the condition that Jack's sister isn't his problem. Corey prepares the van for Tony and the group heads out.

Driving over to NW 184th Street, Tony (depending on the player selecting him as the playable character) storms through the three-floor building complex to clear out the hideout's gang members. Leaving behind dozens of bodies, Tony come across Jack's sister hiding in a closet armed with a pistol. Terrified, she tries to fend the Fans off while tears are streaming down her face. Contrary to what he felt about the "rescue" mission before, Tony tries to convince the girl that he and the Fans are only there to help her get back to her brother, but Jack's sister refuses to go with them, believing that the Fans are insane for murdering her friends. Knowing that Jack's sister is safe, Tony decides to flee the scene with the rest of the Fans before the situation escalates.

Afterwards, the Fans' van breaks down on the way back to their bar. Tony and Ash argue over the van, with Tony explaining that he didn't get the van repaired because it isn't his responsibility due the van not belonging to him. While making temporary repairs, Ash angrily asks Tony to get the van fixed anyway, calling him out for slacking off. Looking for Andy to turn in his favor to the Fans, Ash tells Tony to have Andy repair the van at the chop shop before they continue back to the bar.


On December 9th, Mark enthusiastically announces that their crimes have made it onto the news. Corey dryly agrees that they finally won their "five minutes of fame", while Tony feels disappointed by the results, stating that it felt more like two minutes of fame. Tony then chastises Alex for foolishly suggesting if they could get a copy of the report from the news station, something that would no set the police on the Fans' trail. Mark is optimistic that the news will cover a new story on them soon, but Tony believes they need to kill more criminals to garner more attention from the press. Having been given an idea, Alex suggests that she might have discovered a new criminal operation to raid after buying marijuana off of the thugs residing there. While Tony believes Alex is looking for an excuse to hoard more drugs for herself, Mark agrees that the hideout could be worth attacking, convincing Tony to rally the group and drive to the hideout.

Soon arriving at an abandoned building on NW 168th Street, Tony (depending on the player selecting him as the playable character) clears out the building, where only a small handful of hoodlums were present. He meets Mark in the building, who remarks that there wasn't much to the hideout. Suddenly, Tony is drawn to noise coming from a back room that Mark thought was empty and finds a manhole. Descending into Miami's sewers, Tony finds a criminal operation more organized than the Fans had anticipated: the gang occupying the sewers are secretly dissolving dead bodies in acid baths, keeping a torture chamber nearby for convenient use. Regardless, Tony successfully wipes out the hoodlums in the sewers and quickly flees the scene with his friends.

20th and Death

Death Wish

On December 20th, Mark heads to the bar with a box of brand new rooster masks, asking Tony, Corey and Alex to try them on. As soon as Tony, Corey and Alex put them on, all three of them suddenly become unresponsive. When Mark asks if there's something wrong, Richard manifests himself in the form of the rooster masks, giving Mark disjointed, cryptic message regarding floors of a building being cleared. Bewildered, Mark tries to make sense of the situation, but his hallucination is interrupted when a phone starts ringing. To Tony's surprise, Ash pulls out a cellphone, explaining to Tony that he looted it from the Henchman's body after they killed him. Tony remains silent as Ash listens to the Son, the current boss of the Russian Mafia, on the other end of the line, inviting him to the Russian Mafia's headquarters on NW 20th Street, believing him to be the Henchman. Ash convinces Tony and the other Fans to get into the van so he can explain what they can do for tonight.

Rushing to the Russian Mafia's headquarters equipped with walkie-talkies, the Fans plan to clear out all the floors of the building available to them and rendezvous on the roof. Impatient, Tony orders Ash to hurry up on breaking into the front door's security lock, to which Ash rebuffs that Tony wouldn't be able to do any better at breaking into it. As soon as the security lock is broken into, Alex, Ash and Corey rush in and begin their attack, while Mark remains shaken from his hallucination earlier. He asks Tony if they'll be able to make it across the roof, to which Tony pokes fun at Mark's weight by sarcastically stating he'll be the only one to have difficulty jumping across. The two charge into the building and go separate paths, with Tony storming up a staircase. Tony slaughters a group of Russian mobsters occupying one of the upper floors all according to the plan. Just as Tony notifies the Fans on his walkie-talkie that he successfully cleared his floor, a sudden noise attracts his attention. He encounters the Son rampaging through his headquarters in a drug-induced stupor. Engaged in combat, Tony manages to narrowly survive the Son trying to gun him down.

After the Son heads up to the roof to kill Alex and Ash, Tony finds that the Son had bludgeoned Mark to death and shot Corey in the abdomen. Tony drags Mark and Corey into a small room where he is cornered by a SWAT team sent in to put an end to the massacre. Cradling Corey after she had bled to death, Tony is suddenly interrupted by Manny Pardo, who has taken over the SWAT operation by force. Being held at gunpoint by Pardo and with all of his friends dead, Tony declares he is done fighting and willingly surrenders, asking Pardo not to shoot him. Wanting to eliminate any competition to his own mission to garner notoriety through his Miami Mutilator murders, Pardo smugly denies Tony his "fifteen minutes of fame" by shooting Tony in the head in cold blood, ending Tony's copycat killings. Pardo then lies to the SWAT team about Tony's death by claiming that he killed the man in self-defense before leaving the SWAT team to deal with the bloodbath.


The Fans' assault on the Russian Mafia's headquarters is portrayed much differently from the Son's perspective. Celebrating his newfound victory over the Colombians, the Son gets immensely high on his own drug and goes on a homicidal rampage, killing dozens of his own men while the Fans simultaneously attack his headquarters. After killing Corey, the Son comes across a jungle where skeletons and a pile of dead mobsters lay on the ground. At the end of the jungle, the Son witnesses Tony as a massive anthropomorphic tiger with an eye in his mouth. After roaring, Tony leaps out from the shadows in an attempt to crush the Son between his fists, but the Son fends him off by blasting at him with a shotgun, where it's implied that Tony survived his encounter with the Son.

The Table Sequence

The Table Sequence plays out each time the player starts a new game after already completing Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. Tony is seen among the rest of the playable protagonists in the game, meeting with Richard in a dark room, who knows of each character's fates. After witnessing Jake and Martin Brown turn into corpses right after Richard condemns them for their actions, Tony declares that he has heard enough of Richard's ominous judgement of the characters and suggests to the Fans that they should leave. Richard refutes Tony's statement, explaining that the only option the Fans have is death. After a flash of light, the Fans all slump over dead in a gory mess respective of how they died in "Death Wish" and "Apocalypse", with Tony sitting limp in his chair after getting shot in the head.


Killing Punches, No Weapons
~ Tony's perk description.

Tony's abilities are quite similar to Jacket's "Fists Of Fury" perk: he is given lethal punches, allowing him to use knuckledusters to instantly kill any foe he hits, while also being able to perform fast ground executions on knocked down enemies. On top of being extremely strong, fast and excelling at fisticuffs, Tony also has the fastest punching speed of any playable character in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, making Tony a force to be reckoned with in close combat by being able to take down dozens of criminals in one-on-one fights. As a downside, unlike with Jacket's killing punches ability, Tony can never pick up or throw weapons of any kind during his levels, restricting him only to his melee attacks. This means that due to lacking any form of ranged attacks, Tony is often forced to peek around corners and bait gunmen out to his position to kill them up close.

To make up for lacking the ability to use melee weapons or guns, Tony is still able to kill fat enemies and dogs. With fat enemies, Tony can knock them down with a single punch and finish them off with a ground execution, where he will knee them hard in the face. With dogs, Tony is able to perform standing executions on them when they try to pounce him, catching them in midair and slamming them down to finish them off. Regardless of his restrictions, Tony's formidable skill in combat makes him just as deadly as the other playable characters in the series.


  • Like the rest of the Fans, Tony appears as a playable character in more levels than any other protagonist in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, being playable in five levels.
  • Tony's ability was recycled for the Son later in the game. Developers Jonathan Soderstrom and Dennis Wedin explain that the reason they did this was to bring back the Fans' playstyle after they get killed off halfway through, and the Son made recycling the abilities much more convenient.
  • Tony is the only playable character in the series who isn't playable during a level's intro or outro.
  • For unexplained reasons, Tony is the only Fan who doesn't participate in the Henchman's execution.
  • Tony is the only member of the Fans to survive the Son's rampage.
  • Although he appears to be bald in his overworld sprite, Tony is explicitly shown to have a buzzcut in his unmasked dialogue sprite.
  • The idea for Tony to wear cowboy boots was inspired by the character Llewellyn Moss from No Country for Old Men.
  • Tony's LSD boss form is inspired by Shere Khan from The Jungle Book.
  • Since Tony is the Fan who appears as an NPC in "Into the Pit", Mark will replace him if the player decides to play as Tony in the level.
  • According to the art book, Soderstrom and Wedin considered the Tony mask in the first game to be a "failure" as far as game design is concerned, believing that the mask was far too overpowered with no real drawbacks. They claim that Tony being unable to wield weapons in the second game was not only fair balancing to make up for his ability, but also a fun challenge for players.


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