Ah. Well, perhaps you'd like to leave now.
~ Tony to Captain Harris after Harris insulted him.

Tony was the primary antagonist of the movie Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach.

He was portrayed by the late René Auberjonois, who also portrayed Patrick West in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.


In 1988, Tony and two of his henchmen broke in to a California museum and stole a jewel with a fair number of diamonds embedded. Tony extracted the diamonds and hid them inside a video camera, which he placed in a black carry on bag.

Tony and his associates went to the airport to board the same flight that police academy Commandant Eric Lassard and his people were taking to a convention in Miami, Florida. Tony tripped on an errant golf ball that fell out of Lassard's bag, and the bag wound up on the ground next to Lassard's identical bag. Lassard picked up Tony's bag by mistake and boarded the flight.

Tony next encountered Lassard while en route to Miami after the elder officer exited the bathroom, telling Tony something was wrong with the sink. Tony discovered exactly what was wrong the hard way.

After landing in Miami Tony went to see other area mobsters. It was only then that Tony realized that the mixup of bags had occurred. He and his men began a frantic search throughout Miami for Lassard, finally discovering him at a hotel on the beach. Following him in to the hotel, Tony learned that Lassard was a cop.

Following several attempts to get the camera containing the diamonds back, Tony took Lassard and Captain Harris hostage. Lassard thought the whole thing was part of a police procedure demonstration. Tony got along quite well with Lassard during this time due to the kindness Lassard showed him, but not so good with Captain Harris. When ordered to shoot both Harris and Lassard, Tony hesitated, not wanting to shoot Lassard.

At that moment Lassard's officers came in to rescue him. Lassard praised the work of his people, complimenting them on what he thought was an excellent demonstration. Lassard's nephew Nick told him it was no demonstration, that this whole thing was real. Realizing that Lassard turned around and hit Tony hard, knocking him out and retrieving the diamonds that Tony had stolen.

Tony and a number of mobsters were then taken into custody by Miami police and charged with a number of crimes.

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