Tony is the first antagonist in Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft. He was voiced by Peter Kelamis.



Tony was a scientific researcher who was hired by the company RX-Tech. He was sent to India along with two other researchers, Randy and Rory. They were given the assignment of finding an artifact known as the Infada Stone.


During the expedition, Tony grew insane from jungle fever. He began rambling to himself and developed an unstable personality. Randy and Rory explored the Indian temple of Shiva while Tony rested at the researchers' campsite.

Encounter with Lara Croft

Archaeologist Lara Croft explored the Indian jungles. She encountered Tony at his campsite. He told Lara about his partners venturing in the temple of Shiva without him. Tony then ran away while laughing, claiming that she is going to die.

Unconcerned, Lara entered the temple. She found the holding chamber of the Infada Stone but the artifact was missing. Moreover, she found the dead bodies of Randy and Rory. They were covered in blood and floating in midair. Lara realized that Tony was responsible for his colleagues' deaths as well as stealing the Infada Stone.

Lara tracked Tony to the River Ganges where he was traveling on a raft. Lara shot Tony but he used the powers of the Infada Stone to throw pillars at her. She managed to avoid the pillars before stealing a quad bike. She chased him to an underground cave where they engaged in battle. Tony threw fire balls at Lara while she used her pistols to shoot him. Lara managed to kill Tony before taking the Infada Stone and leaving the temple.


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