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Tony Abado is the main antagonist of the two=part Seinfeld episode The Bottle Deposit. He is a highly-skilled auto mechanic who grew deeply attached to Jerry Seinfeld's Saab convertible and stole it. He was played by Brad Garrett.


Part 1

After Kramer and Newman store their food under the hood of Jerry's car, It overheats and Jerry is forced to be bring it to his mechanic Tony Abado, a mechanic who is obsessed with car care. Tony wants to make a lot of changes to the car, but Jerry doesn't want to spend so much money. He asks Tony if he could just have it back so he can take his business elsewhere. Tony is disappointed, but tells him he'll bring the car out front for him. Elaine arrives and meets Jerry to pick up some golf clubs, which she won in a bidding win against Sue Ellen Mischke, just in time to see Tony driving away with Jerry's car.

Part 2

While riding in the mail truck with Newman so they can work on their bottle deposit, a surprised Kramer suddenly spots Jerry's stolen car on an Ohio highway and alerts Jerry on his house phone that he brought along. Newman and Kramer quickly argue whether to deliver their mail and empty bottles to Saginaw, Michigan as they had planned, or to pursue Jerry's stolen car as it exits the highway in Ohio, to which Kramer agrees. While still chasing Jerry's car, Kramer dumps their empty bottles to make the truck move faster and soon after dumps Newman. Newman then finds a farmer's house, complete with his proverbial daughter. As Kramer continues his chase, Tony throws all of the JFK golfclubs at him, and Kramer is soon forced to give up the chase when the van gives out from the damage the clubs caused to it.

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