Tony Almeida

Tony Almeida

Anthony "Tony" Almeida is the main antagonist in the seventh season and the spin-off series Legacy of 24. He is a former CTU agent who worked with and became good friends with CTU's finest agent Jack Bauer.

Tony was formerly a Scout Sniper and First Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps before being honorably discharged.

He was portrayed by Carlos Bernard.


After Tony's wife, Michelle Dessler, and unborn child were killed to cover up a government conspiracy and Tony nearly being killed himself, he went rogue and took action against the people he saw responsible for the tragedies in his life.

Although he is definitely a villain, Tony is still a well-intention and tragic man, which is actually quite unusual for 24 villains. Most of them are vicious, mass murdering terrorists who do it for money, but Tony is genuinely complex and has a compelling motivation, making him one of the few anti-villains in the series (other than Cheng Zhi before he was betrayed by his government, making Tony the only withstanding anti-villain).

Also legitimately affable, Tony could be seen as an evil counterpart to Jack, as both are former U.S. military personnel (Jack in the Army while Tony in the Marines) and government agents who have gone too far, but are still deep down fighting for justice, this is especially evident when Jack himself in a later season becomes tired at his government and decides to go out his way and kill people, making him strictly a villain as well. However, Jack still cares for civilian lives along the path.


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