Tony Bishara is one of the main characters of Devious Maids, serving as the main antagonist of Adrian Powell's storyline in Season 2. He is portrayed by Dominic Adams.


For most of the season, he is a seductive, sex-appealing and persuasive bodyguard who had a "crush" on Evelyn Powell and a bodyguard.

Seeing Adrian's paranoia, Tony uses this as an advantage to seduce Evelyn and the two have an affair and the two even go so far as to deceive Adrian into going to a slash health resort so that they can continue their affair.

However, thanks to Valentina finding out, she gets Adrian to come back home and he plans to catch Evelyn and Tony but when he catches them, he becomes deeply hurt.

However, when Evelyn tells Tony that she told Adrian about their affair, we begin to see his true colors when he calls someone, saying that it's only a matter of time before he dumps Evelyn.

With the help of a friend, Adrian finds out who Tony is, and that he uses his sex appeal to seduce and sleep with rich middle-aged women and then dumps them and blackmails them for money, which he does for a living.

Adrian prevents him from blackmailing Evelyn by giving him money and manages to convince him to leave town.


  • Tony's attractiveness and plot to seduce women and eventually dump them, along with hiding his true nature, are similarities that he shares with Mark King, Prince Hans and Paolo Valisari.
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