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It's my death day instead...!
~ Toome's final words before death.

Toome is the main antagonist in episode 5 of the 2017 TV series Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. He is one of the many Daikaan of Space Shogunate Jark Matter who rule planet Earth.

He is voiced by Kentarō Itō who previously voiced Mogudrago from Hurricaneger and a Manhole Banki from Go-Onger and later voiced both the Invisible World and the Great Invisible World from Zenkaiger.


Toome made his first appearance in his lair on planet Earth where he horde all of the birthday presents and decorations and dates as he and the Indavers celebrates his birthday however the jewels that are on his head detects another persons birthday (which is Balance who's going to be the bait). He then appeared back outside ready to open fire on Balance, but Naga Ray saved him in the nick of time, so he and the Indavers battled the Kyurangers.

He was then put on hold thanks to Naga's ability so that way the team can attack him, but thankfully both Madakko and Ikargen saved him by open firing on the Kyurangers, so the team battles the duo instead. However once Balance managed to save Naga from laser fire he'd accidentally freed Toome from his hold and stole his Birthday after that he went back to his lair to continue celebrating his birthday.

Back inside Toome's alarms is going off so he sent the Indavers (who were on patrol) and the Space Ikadevil to stop the intruders from stealing the birthday that he stole. Thankfully Ikadevil was destroyed by the arrival of Emu Hojo aka Kamen Rider Ex-Aid with Lucky's help.

Once they successfully infiltrated Toome's lair Naga stole all the birthday's back from Toome (where he was sent flying) and freed the caged birthday as they were sent back to their owners. After that the enraged Toome battles the team for ruining his birthday where he was then defeated by their All Star Crash.

However, due to his Inrō (which is not destroyed), he then enlarged himself as he battles Kyuren-Oh after that he was then destroyed by this finisher that was performed by Naga and Balance which is Happy Splash double beam attack.


  • His design shows similarities to Magdus and Tagredor from 1998 TV series called Seijuu Sentai Gingaman.


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