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Villain Overview

The right path... Even if walked on by a saint who makes no mistakes... It is unavoidable that bad things will sometime occur. That is "calamity".
~ Tooru

Tooru is the main antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JoJolion.

Introduced as Yasuho Hirose's ex-boyfriend from high school, he is first introduced as an ally, but is later revealed to be a Rock Human and the mastermind behind the Locacaca Organization. He is a Stand User who wields the mighty Wonder of U.



As with all Rock Humans, Tooru was originally set in the nearby wilderness by his mother as a child, and as with all Rock Humans, he managed to sneak inside a wasp's nest to grow for seventeen years. At the age of seventeen, his adult body developed to the point he was ready to enter society, so he exited the hive he grew in (killing the wasps as he did) and set his sights towards Morioh, where he decided to live.

Ten years before the events of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JoJolion, Tooru manipulated Yasuho Hirose (a kid at this point) to use her Stand's abilities to find the identity of the real Satoru Akefu, which he assumingly murdered and had his Stand impersonate. Later on and despite how it is unknown why he decided to go to a human school, Tooru dated Yasuho Hirose while both attended high school, although they currently remain as only good friends. Tooru was also employed as a part-time worker at TG University Hospital, although the time when he did so is unknown. Tooru also is possibly at fault for the death of Rai Mamezuku's father.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JoJolion

Tooru first appears working at TG University Hospital, and encounters Yasuho Hirose and Mitsuba Higashikata during their pursuit of Wu Tomoki. Mildly flirting with Yasuho on their past love, he eventually gives Josuke the needed message for him to defeat Wu.

After this Tooru makes several more appearances showing similar behavior of flirting/trying to get back with with Yasuho and aiding her and Josuke on their quest to find the face of Satoru Akefu.

After Yasuho went to the Higashikata House, Tooru decides himself to wait behind and eat his lunch, before coming over to aid Yasuho when she is injured. Heading to the Higashikata's residence, Tooru shows his first signs of true villainy as he ignores an injured Yasuho, instead watching her as he listens to music. He later mysteriously senses Josuke and Rai Mamezuku's plan to lure Satoru Akefu to them, and is intrigued by this. However, when Joshu Higashikata leaves the house with the New Locacaca plant, Tooru decides to flee and leave his presence unknown. As he watches Yasuho and Joshu preform an equivalent exchange to see its true potential, he deliberately makes noise to make them fall into his Stand's trap, only for him to unknowingly have his villainy revealed to his former love. Yasuho notes of Tooru's true identity and Stand, noting of her memories with him while young. Tooru does respect Yasuho's presence, but does warn that any interaction with him may trigger a lethal calamity, also explaining how the Higashikatas are also under this effect.

Despite this, Yasuho still manages to call Kei Nijimura for aid against Wonder of U, shifting the calamity on to her. Tooru also later receives a wound to his head due to Born This Way attacking his Stand. Tooru then shifts gears towards the New Localoca, trying to get the heroes to hand it to him. Joshu attempts to intervein, but only gets mostly ignored by Tooru and the calamity causing him to lose a finger through a falling leaf. In the chaos, Tooru takes the New Localoca, allowing the two to be in harm's way through a large falling piece of metal. However, as he walks off, Yasuho manages to use Paisley Park to transport one of Josuke's invisible bubbles to Tooru through the two's cellphones, hitting him successfully and making the calamity skip Yasuho. Now wounded, Tooru bites into a Localoca and charges towards Yasuho to begin an equivalent exchange, but Josuke uses the same bubble trick to deliver another attack to Tooru, damaging him further and sending him flying backwards.

Powers and Abilities

Main article: Satoru Akefu

Wonder of U

The flow of things... This is about you standing up from that chair. Perhaps you'll stand up intending to pursue me. I am Wonder of U. The flow of things will always lead to calamity.
~ Satoru Akefu on himself.

The Stand User of Wonder of U, Tooru uses Wonder of U to cast non-corporeal illusions of the head doctor to make a cover for his actions and a decoy. Additionally, Wonder of U has the power to generate "calamities" for those who desire to pursue either Stand or Stand User, creating a large well of bad luck that causes both logical and near-impossible things to happen. This ability also can strengthen objects that collide with the enemy, depending on their size.


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