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The best defense against cavities is regular brushing...!
~ Final words before his death.

The Tooth Decay Jamen is the main antagonist in episode 38 of 2021 TV series called Mashin Sentai Kiramager. He's also a tooth-themed gold body Jamenshi of the Dark Empire Yodonheim.

The Tooth Decay Jamen is voiced by Tetsuya Yanagihara.


The Tooth Decay Jamen made his first appearance at the playground where he used his signature ability as he gave every civilian a cavity causing pain to the victim's mouth. However Zabyun has dropped the team off at the said location as he was surprised that they made it this far. For a doctor like Sayo she was spot on for guessing which Jamenshi that he's based on which is a cavity. So with that the battle was on as the team fought against the Bechats, but as soon as Sena tries to land a blow on the Tooth Decay Jamen he'd didn't flinch at all heck he'd even deflect the bullets from the Kiramai Shot because thanks to Zabyun for scanning his main weak point is the cavity which is at the top of his head and they'll have to chip away at it if they want to beat him which calls for the Shiny Breaker. However Takamichi was under influence of Ilusia so that's going to be a problem because he already given a cavity to Takamichi, Sena and Sayo. So as soon the Tooth Decay Jamen is about to give the remaining team a cavity he ran out, so with that he then left the area to recharge himself.

A while later he arrived in the city now fully charge he was about to give more cavity to the civilian, but the already cavity affected Sena blocked the shot with the Kiramai Shield, so its just only the cavity filled team that are left standing against him despite the injuries in the mouth as they armed themselves with toothbrush in hopes of defeating him after all its important to brush your teeth twice in a while, but he did pointed out that brushing the tooth won't defeat him. Even in their Go mode they still can't hit him when they're mouths are hurting.

Awhile later he was about to give them another cavity until Zabyun sacrificed himself and now he too got the cavity, but he did manage to pick up Galza in hopes of getting Takamichi out of the Illusia's illusion. With the team now de-transformed it seems like all hopes are lost with the Tooth Decay Jamen is about to win this fight as he used the Numade to open fire on them, but thanks to Shiguru he came in the nick of time with the Shiny Breaker as he knocked the weapon out of the Tooth Decay Jamen's hand and then the Tooth Decay Jamen was destroyed by this finisher called Blue Holey Dental Crush. With the destruction of the Tooth Decay Jamen those who were affected by him their mouths were cured of cavities.


  • The Tooth Decay Jamen is the second tooth-themed monster since Hamigakilar from 1980 TV series called Denshi Sentai Denziman.
  • Tooth Decay Jamen's ability to cause the Kiramagers' tooth decay is similar to Debo Batissier's Cavity Beam.
    • Unlike Debo Batissier though (who only gained access to his Cavity Beam via a form change due to an outside source which is Debo Viruson), Tooth Decay Jamen's ability was already available from the start.


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