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Tooth Fairies are ravenous, multi-legged winged creatures appearing in Hellboy II: The Golden Army. They are used  purchased from the troll market by Prince Nuada and used in plans for conquest.


Tooth Faires are small creatures with mostly gray bodies. They have small black eyes on either side of their head. They have four legs and three fingers on their hands. They have little wings, smaller than the rest of their body. They have razor sharp teeth, with two front being bigger than the rest.


The Tooth Fairies were illegally purchased by Prince Nuada at the Troll Market. They were starved and then released into an auction house, after Nuada had successfully stolen the first piece of the Golden Army's Crown. Once released, the Tooth Fairies had killed and devoured over seventy people and alerted the BPRD. Later, Hellboy, Liz, Abe, and a few other agents were sent to investigate the disturbance. When they arrived the auction house was a wreck and Tooth Fairies were hiding inside the walls. Shortly after the BPRD was examining the scene, the Tooth Faries swarmed out of the walls and attacked. After a vicious fight which claimed the lives of three human agents, Liz used her pyrokinesis and set the whole auction house ablaze, burning the fairies alive. Later, Johann Kraus an ectoplasmic medium, used teleplasty to reanimate a fairy killed when Liz unleashed her powers. The ressurected Fairy was able to communicate that it was purchased in the Troll Market before it expired again.


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