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He may be spineless. But he got what he wanted out of you, and that makes him a troublemaker.
~ Mr. Toplofty explaining to Mr. Grasping why Papa is a threat.
Good gravy! A tribe of warriors right under our feet? What if they invade us!?
~ Mr. O'Bloat worried about the Indians invading.

Toplofty and O'Bloat are the two supporting antagonists of An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island.

Toplofty was voiced by the late Tony Jay (who also did Judge Claude Frollo and Shere Khan), and O'Bloat was voiced by the late Richard Karron.


Like their leader Mr. Grasping, they are corrupt and greedy. They see that Papa was a troublemaker on the factory, due to the fact he got what he wanted out of them (not firing Tony). They are cruel to their workers and butlers, like making them triple their output, and turning everyone against the "bloodthirsty Indian" in an attempt to make their profits grow.

They use Scuttlebutt as a spy to see if the good doctor has anything in his collection of treasures that could be of any use to them. In the end, Papa convinces everyone that they have made themselves foolish monsters and that they should be friends with the Indians.


They both share a similar personality with their leader, Grasping. They are greedy, selfish, and corrupt. However, there are some differences between the three robber barons. 

Toplofty appears much more convincing than the others. He was the first to find out that Papa was a troublemaker and he supported Dr. Dithering's research as part of the public commitment to culture. After Papa convinces the mice that the Indians mean no harm and the factory owners as the real enemy, Toplofty was furious and blames Mr. Grasping for making everyone hate them (presumably for lying that Mousekewitz was a foreigner and not one of them, when in reality they were all foreigners).

O'Bloat appears to be somewhat dim-witted and he is also a coward. Alongside the other factory owners, he too sees Papa as a troublemaker. He is also always seen eating cheese. When he heard about the Indians, he seems to be scared as he thinks that they are savages who are going to invade them. 

When Papa announces to the mice that the Indians mean no harm and the factory owners are the true enemies, O'Bloat begins to freak out as he is worried that the Indians will send reinforcements, form an alliance with the workers and, eventually, take over the factory.



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