Topo is an antagonist and a boss from the game Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg. He is a crow taking the form of a mole.


Topo was one of the crow bosses that Dark Raven sent to take over a region of Morning Land, he was tasked with Dino Mountain. He and his minions succesfully took over Dino Mountain and sealed the elder in a golden egg, he also had three skeleton dinosaurs made to protect Dino Mountain from his enemies and also keep Dino Mountain under control.

When Billy came through, he freed the elder and brang Morning back to Dino Mountain, once Billy did this he proceeded to defeat all three skeleton dinosaurs by blasting them with ice, and thus clearing the path to Topo's shadow portal. Once Billy made it into Topo's domain, Topo burrowed out of the ground and did a backflip on to the skull of a skeletal tyrannosaurus rex, which instantly animated and jumped up, giving Topo a mount for the battle.

Topo fought by having his T.Rex using a flame breath and also having him jump in the lava which caused flaming rocks to fly everywhere, but Topo's T.Rex mount made a mistake by trying to chomp on Billy which causes Topo to go flying off, allowing Billy to reach him and attack him, Topo attack by doing a spinning slash at Billy, while attempting to run back to his mount.

But Billy succesfully defeated Topo, and once Topo had died, his T.Rex fell to pieces, and also relinquishing his emblem of courage. Topo is the only boss not to appear in Dark Corvo's battle, instead, a shadow clone of the head of Topo's T.Rex mount appears, which attacked by flying about and using his fire breath attack.

Topo is the third boss, the previous boss is Captain Glur and Moles is the next boss.