Tora is from Teenage Mutant Ninja II: the Arcade Game.


This ten foot, half ton blizzard beast who, in 2000 years, has never known defeat.
~ Instruction manual
Tora is an alien bounty hunter from the icy planet Traglodoon. He was hired by the Shredder to freeze Central Park which is in New York City. By using a specially designed satellite, Tora covers Central Park in snow.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - who are Shredder's sworn enemies - notice the change in Central Park's weather. They travel to the area in order to find the source of snow. The turtles encounter countless soldiers from Shredder's Foot Clan. A battle royale begins as the soldiers fight the turtles by using their own hands and knees. Despite the overwhelming odds, the turtles manage to singlehandedly defeat all of the soldiers.

After a long journey through Central Park, the turtles find the satellite that is controlling the snow. Before they have a chance to touch it, a subterranean vehicle emerges from the ground. Tora emerges from the vehicle. Without any introduction, he fights the turtles.

During the fight, Tora uses his fangs and claws. The satellite generates giant slabs of ice. Tora throws the slabs directly at each of the turtles. The turtles manage to defeat and kill Tora. When the battle ends, they immediately smash the satellite. All of the snow vanishes and Central Park returns to its original condition.



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