Torbador is a Rhinoceros beetle-themed Majin minion of the Space Pirates Balban under Gun Boss Sambash; he is also the elder brother of Tagredor. He is also one of two antagonist (the other is his younger brother) of episode 7 from 1998 TV series called Seijuu Sentai Gingaman.

He is voiced by Takurō Kitagawa.


Torbador made his first appearance on the Rowdy Invincible Castle alongside his younger brother (who made his 2nd appearance) as he volunteers to join his brother to smash the star beast in order to use the remains of it to create a potion. A while later he and his brother then arrived in the city along with a couple of Yartots as they sneak attack the Gingaman. After that he then used horn-like cannon and open fired on the petrified Star Beast, so with that said the team transformed and battle the insect pirates. After that he came to help his brother when Tagredor was suddenly knocked off the petrified lion, so if with that said he and his brother retreats the city.

A while later Torbador was back at the castle with his brother to treat his injuries. Once the injuries are healed they were sent back to the city to finish the process.

They then appeared back at the city to finish the job after Torbador knocked the fairy away. A while later during their destruction on the star beasts they were then ambushed by the arrival of the Gingamans. So with that said they began to fight the team while Torbador keeps on destroying the starbeast. However Ryouma prevents that as Torbador got scorched by his fire attack. A while later they were about to stop the team from reviving the beast until they're prevents them from doing so because from what Bucrates says they're about use the same energy to revive they're beast and to do it they brought out device that looks like a gramophone that's been attached to the treasure chest. However Yuuta tossed the crystal at the device and destroyed it. After that they notice that the team and the starbeast are gone which is a bright side however the downside they didn't revival energy, but Torbador points out to their boss as the Starbeast are alive now.

So with that said they drank the growth elixir to enlarge themselves and battle the Gingai-Oh. After that he was then destroyed by this finisher called Meteor Blast.

Torbador is later seen as one of the Majin who was there when BullBlack's brother was killed on Planet Taurus. He is killed once again by the Megarangers, after being revived by Gregory in Gingaman vs. Megaranger.

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