Torbo is an evil character that appeared in the Grojband episode "Grin Reaper." He is an evil robot that pretends to be a happy joyful man who sucks the souls out of other happy people. He gives people bracelets to put them in a trance that makes them happy about everything, no matter what it is so that he can devour the souls of everyone and reduce them all to piles of dust.


Torbo started off as a solar powered clown who entertained kids at their birthday parties. One day, it got so cloudy and he couldn't get the power to keep himself alive. He started devouring the souls of happy, young children which powered him and kept him alive. He got carried away and didn't stop doing this when the sun came back up. Torbo went from town to town making people happy before devouring their happy souls and turning them into piles of dust. When he came to Peaceville, Grojband fought him and won. This caused him to get destroyed, and release all of the souls he had stolen. Grojband saved his head and attached it to a skateboard and a solar panel. He was able to live on after that without sucking people's souls and he left.


Torbo is a tall guy who has orange puffy hair and glowing yellow eyes that are caused by his rainbow bracelet. He wears a blue skin tight leotard and red pants.


Torbo is always happy about everything.


  • Torbo is a parody on Richard Simmons.
  • His name is based off of "Tobor" the name of a robotic character from the TV series "Captain Video and his Video Rangers."
    • This was possibly a way of foreshadowing that he was a robot.
    • Kon referenced to this by predicting that he was really a robot.


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