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Torch is the partly mechanical arson puppet who hates cruel children and adults.

He punishes them all the time by burning them to death until they’re nothing but burned corpse or piles of dust. Torch is the executioner of the group if it’s a child, an animal or adult.


Torch was created seemingly only to kill by the zombified André Toulon in Puppet Master 2. In that film Torch kills an old farm woman, destroying the brain matter he was meant to harvest, kills a child simply for being provoked, is ordered to kill Michael Kenney, and is the only puppet to fatally attack his master when the others turn on him.

In Puppet Master 5, he is loyal to his kinder master, Rick Myers, but still shows occasional aggression, becoming the only puppet in 5 to kill a human (who had attacked Rick). Torch's tendencies have led some to believe he is the violent and cruel Neil Gallagher from part 1, though others have speculated that due to the killings of animals (And Torch's seeming offense when Toulon devalues animal brains) in Puppet Master 2, that he possesses an animal's spirit.

A third theory is that Torch's soul is that of Patrick Bramwell, whose brain Tunneler was seen drilling into. Torch has suffered some injuries throughout his career. He was blasted with a fire repellent as well as whipped and electrocuted by a Totem. Torches place in the group is that of a hit man with Thompson. He has firepower and a brutal attitude. He is the executioner of the group if it's a kid animal or adult.



  • Torch's picture is seen in Puppet Master: Axis of Evil as the credits roll.
  • The soul of Torch may be Neil Ghallager, his evil nature would be perfect soul for a mericiless, child killing puppet.
  • Some fans believe Torch inherited the soul of a mule or a pig that the puppets had killed at a farm earlier on.
  • Some fans think Torch's soul could belong to Patrick Bramwell because he died shortly before Torch was created.
  • In the comics produced by Action Lab, Torch's soul is revealed to be that of Andre Toulon's son Erich. Whether or not this is the case in the movies remains to be seen.
  • Torch has been mistaken to appear in Puppet Master X: Axis Rising, but that is impossible since Andre Toulon created him in 1991. They may be mistaken by The Puppet, Named "Blitzkreig", or another Nazi puppet.
  • He was going to be in Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys, but then was replaced with Jester for unknown reasons.
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