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Yes! Just like old times....
~ Tord showing his antagonistic nature in The End.
Ha! So long old friends!
~ Tord's last words before his robot is shot down by Tom.

Tord is the anti-heroic tritagonist-turned-main antagonist of the animated web series Eddsworld, acting as such in the final two-part episode The End. In the original years, 2005-2008, he served as one of the main protagonists before he left in 25 ft Under the Seat. He returned as a villain in 2010. The character is inspired by a real-world friend of the show's creator, Edd Gould. Tord is Norwegian but lives in the UK alongside his fictional housemates, Edd, Tom, and Matt. He is often depicted wearing red, which is how his villain name Red Leader evolved. He is also the former friend (not Tom) now archenemy of Edd, Tom and Matt.

Prior to leaving the show, Tord was presented as a main character and friend to his housemates, although he was known for his bad temper and violent tendencies. Tord was written out of Eddsworld in 2008, his last appearance happening in the cold opening of 25ft Under the Seat, but he returned for the season finale as a villain. Tord and Tom were generally depicted as bitter rivals, which reached its peak in The End.

He was voiced by Tord Larrson originally, who left the group in 2008. Tord was later voiced by Jamie Spicer-Lewis in The End.


Tord appears as a young adult in his 20s with pale skin and spiky light brown hair, with two noticable points at the front of his hair. He wears a light grey t-shirt and a red hoodie along with gray pants. In earlier episodes he sports a black coat and dark brown hair. In The End pt. 1 and 2 he has a square white bandage on his right cheek. He occasionally wears a German pickelhaube and smokes a cigar. At the end of The End pt. 2, the entire sleeve of his right arm is ripped off and his arm is bloody and rendered immobile. A significant portion of the right side of his face is bloody and has deep cuts.

Villainous Acts

Ah... what a sight, ha ha! Well, I got what I came for. Goodbye Edd! World's not going to take over itself!
~ Tord after betraying Edd and co. and seemingly killing Tom.
  • In "F is for Fun" he has insisted on his villainous nature earlier on.
  • According to "Behind the Scenes" (2005), he has shown to be in a common rivalry with Tom calling him a "Jehovah's Witness" thus making Tord xenophobic.
  • Probably the most villainous act is mentioned in Zanta Claws where Zanta Claws says that Tord has played paintball with real guns and this is the reason why he is on Zanta's bad list. While listening to this, Tord smiles as he is thinking of it.
  • In Spares, when the Clones go to the arcade, Tord Clones use guns in every game. It usually causes a big explosion that hurts other Clones. Tord himself also joyfully engages in the massacre of the gang's clones later on, murdering at least 12 of them with his machine gun and a grenade.
  • The Tord clones (including other clones) also engages in throwing the Tom clones to a recycling, and even the real him and the rest of the remaining group upon finding two Matts decide to replace the actual real Tom with the Clone Matt and laugh about it at the end of the episode.
  • In Eddsworld Christmas Special '05, it is revealed that if Edd had never existed, Tord would have become a full Communist that almost took over half of Norway until he was arrested, and he and Tom would have been best friends that make Pornographic Films together.
  • In Zombeh Attack, the gang mistakenly hits a person by the car and has the crush where their car is broken. Tord complains loudly about the person that "destroyed their car", in the opposite of the rest of the gang who are shocked at killing someone.
  • In Eddsworld Halloween Special 2007, the Hockey Mask Wearing Freak chases the gang to kill them. Matt and Tord hide in a closet, but Tord pushes Matt out and locks the door, almost sending Matt to his death (Matt died from a heart attack when he saw Edd, Tom, and Tord as ghosts).
  • In Tribute, a demon that looks like Tord appears in front of Edd and Matt and asks them to play the best song in the world or he will eat their souls.
  • Tord once tried to walk into the girl's bathroom instead of boy's until Edd stopped him. We can only guess what he wanted to do in there.
  • In The End (Part One) Tord returns and insults Tom on a few occasions and hurts Tom with his invention multiple times, and when he goes on the old adventures with the gang he constantly hurts Tom in the process such as putting a Piranha in Tom's helmet twice and throws cats at him. When they get back home, Tord asks if he can have his old room back, which now belongs to Tom. By this point, Tom has had enough, causing him to throw the couch clear through the wall and slamming into Eduardo's house violently, where he storms out of the house angrily. Tord watches Tom through the window and saying "Just like old times..." before draping the curtains closed with a sinister grin on his face.
  • In The End (Part Two) He sneaks into his old room and reveals a hidden room filled with high tech gadgets and weaponry. He goes to press a large red button in the center of the room, however before he can, Edd interrupts him. He attempts to convince Edd that the room is merely a laundry room, however, Edd and Matt charge in and start pressing multiple buttons. Matt then attempts to press the large red button, this prompts Tord to punch him in the face, almost revealing his evil side, luckily Edd stops him before he causes more damage to Matt, and Tord decides to take the two out for ice cream. However, Edd remains more dubious of Tord. Later they are seen shopping, Tord leaves, pretending to take a phone call (using a banana as a fake phone). Edd questions Matt about his opinion of Tord, whilst Tom is leaving from the real estate building for a new house. Tom then sees a wanted poster on the wall. He dashes back to the house, with Edd and Matt following him. When Tom gets to the house, he catches Tord about to press the button and questions him about the hidden room and the wanted poster, which is revealed to show Tord in military attire (similar to that worn by Paul throughout the series). Tord reveals that the large red button is merely to dispense his favorite hat (a throwback to Moving Targets), but then turns to press another red button, dropping him into the cockpit of a giant robot, modeled after himself. Tord's mech is confronted by Eduardo before Tord launches a rocket which blows up Eduardo's home, (killing Jon in the process). Edd and Matt return and question Tord on his actions before Tord reveals he was merely using them to get his giant robot back. Tom attempts to throw one of Tord's chairs to defeat him. Enraged, he launches another missile, destroying the house. Tord begins flying away in his mech, revealing his intentions to take over the world. Tom pulls himself out of the wreckage of the house with his harpoon gun, and fires at Tord, damaging the mech and causing it to crash on a nearby cliffside. Tord is soon discovered in the wreckage, having suffered horrific injuries, by his fellow soldiers. He stands on the hillside looking down at the house, for hours, before finally leaving.


Relationship with Tom

Although Tom and Tord lived under the same roof (until Tord moved), they hate each other. It started when Tom called Tord a "commie" and Tord called Tom a "Jehovah's Witness" (who he actually is). When Matt is imprisoned in the underground along with a horde of Zombehs in Zombeh Nation, the gang comes to save him, but they can't get through the locked exit. To open it, Tord simply throws Tom through the door.

In 25ft Under the Seat, Tom says "Good riddance," to Tord when he is leaving, prompting Tord to back his car into Tom and drive away without any words. When Tord returns in The End (Part One) Tom & Tord relationship is shown more clearly, and Tom appears to be annoyed by just the presence of Tord.

And also the fact that Tord causes suffering to Tom, with examples like dropping two sofas on him, putting a piranha in his helmet twice, taking Tom's room and making him sleep on the couch, and making Matt & Edd change their views of Tom pushing him to the point of abandoning the crew, as Tom walks off very steamed, Tord watches him walking over the horizon, shoots an evil grin, and says "Just like old times" revealing Tord's intent to get rid of Tom.

Relationship with Edd

Tord and Edd seem to have a definitely better relationship than Tord with Tom, but the theme of many Eddsworld videos is fought between Tord and Edd. But now they're not friends anymore, they both became sworn enemies after "The End"

  • In The Dudette Next Door, Tord, and Edd fight for their attractive neighbor, Kim. When Edd tries to impress her by showing off his Kung Fu moves to her, Tord attacks him violently with a gun. However, Edd jumps in front of him and knocks the rifle off of Tord's hand as he pulls the trigger, shooting himself in the knee.

Tord's alternate house with a Communist symbol on it

  • In Tord's Adventure, Edd draws a very embarrassing picture of Tord and sends it to him by e-mail. Angry Tord swears revenge, takes as many guns as he can and rides a helicopter to London. While landing with it, he kills a random man, but Tord doesn't notice it. When he finally reaches Edd's Road, he awakes four Zombehs while running over their graves, but he kills them immediately. Unfortunately, Tord fails when the bomb on Edd's chair blows up and sends him flying.
  • In Breakfast, Tord wants to get a revenge on Edd again, because Edd eats the last piece of bacon in their house. The duo start fighting violently, with Tord hitting Edd by a couch through the wall.
  • In Faster Than a Speeding Bullet, Tord tries to kill Edd, although they usually get on well with each other. Tord fires and the bullet then chases Edd down the street. Tord gets bored and uppercuts Edd with his gun, sending him flying. The bullet then hits Tord in the arm.



  • Tord does not have a canon last name. In respect of the real-life counterpart, it is advised to not use the real-life counter part's last name as the last name of the character.
  • Even though he is not presented as a part of the group anymore, Tord is still a fan favorite by many fans of Eddsworld.
  • His female counterpart was not seen in the episode "Mirror Mirror" since he was not apart of the group at that time, and likely so was his alternate self.
    • Despite this, fans have made takes on what Tord's female self would look like. Most interpretations of which have gone under the name "Tori".
  • Tord despises the song Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows, as being forced to listen to it for eternity is shown to be his personal hell in Hello Hellhole. This gets referenced in Ruined, when Tord and Matt are trapped in a pit filling up with sand and with spikes on either side closing in, and when Tord asks how it could get worse, a speaker appears, playing the song, angering him. It also gets referenced in The End (Part 2), when just before he throws the sofa at him, Tom calls Tord "Sunshine Lollipops".
  • He, consequently as the most violent of the group, has the most confirmed kills, totalling at 14 (even despite his eight-year absence from the show).
  • In Fun Dead, the silhouette of a random soldier is seen to fight Zombehs. This silhouette's hair looks similar to Tord's. This could mean that after he left the group, he joined the army (just like in Moving Targets).
  • The real-life Tord hasn't used or even touched a gun and is not a Communist.
  • Despite Tord not being a villain when Edd ran the series before his death, Tord still committed malevolent, sinister, sadistic or malicious actions, which would most like earn him a place on this Wikia regardless.
    • Also, the real-life Tom and Tord "never really (got) on", but they did not fight like in the series.
      • Shortly after the release of "The End (Part 2)", Tom requested that the real-life Tord Larsson did not take offense to his portrayed villainy, "if he's even still out there".
  • Out of all 4 of the main characters of Eddsworld, Tord has died the least, totaling at 7 deaths.
    • The reason for this could partially be because of his departure in 2008.
  • He is the most insane out of all the main 4 characters.
    • Following him is Matt, then Edd, then Tom.
  • Tord is one of few Eddsworld villains not to be defeated in a comedic way.
    • Examples of comedic Eddsworld defeats are Zanta Claws simply "going back to being dead", The Hockey Mask Wearing Freak being dropped to his death, and Tom being blown up and put in a full body cast in "Zanta Claws III".
  • Tord's defeat is very inconclusive due to lack of confirmation as to what exactly became of him afterwards. Although it is shown that he left the scene with Paul and Patryk after his injuries were seen to. It's possible that he could have felt remorse for betraying his friends while overlooking the destroyed house. The character's future/fate is ultimately left unconfirmed after The End.
  • It is heavily speculated that Tord was the character known as "Red Leader" before said character was ultimately scrapped. The real Tom stated that it "wouldn't have taken a rocket scientist to figure it out".
  • Since Eddsworld is returning after a four-year hiatus, it's possible Tord will also return and possibly redeem himself.
  • In The End, Matt refers to Tord as Todd due to his stupidity.


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