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Play the best song in the world or I'll eat your souls!
~ Tord Demon to Edd and Matt.

The unnamed Demon is the main antagonist of the Eddsworld video Tribute. It contains the song of the same, originally sung by Tenacious D, with Edd and Matt as Jack Black and Kyle Gass. The demon resembles Tord.


Edd and Matt slowly walk in the desert when suddenly the Demon appears in front of them. He asks them to play the best song in the world or he will eat their souls. The duo then starts to play, with Matt playing the guitar and Edd singing. When the song ends, the shocked Demon asks them if they are angles. Edd and Matt reply that they are the men and continue playing and singing the song, causing the demon falls down in shock. The two later stop singing and slowly walk away, letting the defeated demon lying on the ground.


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