Torian Kel is a major character and villain protagonist, in the 2001 action adventure fantasy videogame Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura.

An ancient warrior, who hailed from the lost, destroyed city of Kree of the world of Arcanum and was born and raised and lived in the ancient time, The Age Of Legends. Then he was raised from the dead a 1, 000 years later as a fighter for The Derian Ka, the ancient order of the dead, to battle The Molochean Hand, assassins and warriors, who turned against The Derian Ka because they learned of what Kerghan, main villain and first of the necromancers, did during The Age Of Legends. Ironically Kel never knows that Kerghan is the reason they and The Molochean Hand fought. 

When they lost, Kel and a few other warriors returned to their home, the temple of The Derian Ka. There they waited for their other companions for years but they never came back and Kel's companions rotted away to skeletons and then finally into dust, except Kel, who remained a skeleton, until The Living One and other followers make their arrival. He says for them to get the blood from the Dungeon of the Dragon Pool, which turns him back into flesh and saves him from a horrible fate. He explains who he is and that he's the warlord of the Grey Legion, The Derian Ka's Army, and and then about The Derian Ka, him, his fighter friends, etc.

He will join you if you're a master of persuasion or evil. When he joins you he expresses his interest in cities like Tarant and Caladon and even talks about cities that have been around since The Age Of Legends, Quintarra, and cities that are gone, Kree. He not only says he's from Kree but that Kree was the most beautiful city in all of Arcanum. He also hates The Bane Of Kree, villain and mass murderer responsible for the destruction of his home and people and stole his fam's ancestral sword.

He'll ask for it if you kill The Bane Of Kree and whether you join Kerghan or not, he'll side with Kerghan because he loves him, being that Kerghan's followers started and formed The Derian Ka, in The Age Of Legends, in the years following his banishment in the first place and Kerghan is the only one, who has the power to free his undead buddies.