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Tormentors are a violent species from Mortal Kombat franchise. They appear in cut scenes and backgrounds of certain arenas. Tormentors are gigantic humanoid horned beasts from Outworld. They are extremely tall and very powerful. Due to the size of their bodies, they can't be harmed by conventional weapons such as guns. Tormentors are also a part of Shao Kahn's military forces.


Outworld Tournament

In Shao Kahn's coliseum, a Tormentor is chained to a pole. Several Tarkata struggle to tame it with sticks. Despite the Tormentor's size, it doesn't use brute force. Instead, it tries to attack the Tarkatans. During the entire tournament, it remains chained to it's pole.

Invasion of Earthrealm

During Shao Kahn's invasion of Earthrealm, a Tormentor rampages through downtown Chicago. Police officers Kabal and Kurtis Stryker assist the army. While they are on the streets, several soldiers fight a Tormentor. Kabal and Stryker assist the soldiers. The attacks don't effect it. The Tormentor walks always while dragging a chain.

Rain's Control

The Tormentors submit to Rain in an alternative point of history. If he wins Mortal Kombat, he uses his new power to invade Earthrealm. The Tormentors are among an army of warriors who assist him.



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