Torok the Troll is the main antagonist of the 1986 dark fantasy comedy-horror film Troll - which is considered by some to be one of the worst movies of all time (along with its two unrelated sequels): however like many comedy-horrors, it has gained somewhat of a cult following.

He was portrayed by Phil Fondacaro, and his voice was provided by Frank Welker.


Torok is depicted as an ancient troll who lived long ago in a world where humans and magical creatures lived in relative harmony, which each of them inhabiting a kingdom that was equal in power but independent: Torok was not pleased with this however and gathered an army of magical creatures - Torok proceeded to wage war with humanity and claimed many lives as he sought to make magical creatures the rulers of the world (thus disrupting the balance of the realms).  

Many centuries later, Torok resurfaces in the modern world and sets about reclaiming the world and transforming it back into the fairytale world of old while replacing humans with magical beings - his evil plans were opposed by a young boy named Harry Potter Jr. (not to be confused with the magical titular hero of the more famous Harry Potter franchise) with aid from a benevolent witch who had a past history with Torok (in fact she and Torok were once lovers, prior to his betrayal).  


  • It is worth noting that Torok was not born a troll, he was transformed into one as part of a curse - however even before being a troll he was said to be a powerful wizard and upon becoming a troll he pretty much abandoned what little humanity he may have had, though later in the film it is shown that despite his hatred of humanity Torok still had some very human traits.
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