Tororo is a character in Sgt. Frog (also known as Keroro Gunso).

Recruit Tororo (トロロ新兵Tororo Shinpei) is the newest member of the Garuru Platoon who, like Kururu, is the

team's intelligence officer and hacker. He captured the allies of theKeroro Platoon until the computers were damaged by Dororo's deathblow.

According to Kururu, Tororo was his rival back in Planet Keron because of his desire to prove others of his higher intelligence and to put Kururu down. Because of Tororo losing to Kururu several times, the young, twisted, and mad genius attempted attacks upon him, though, he could never gain his desired victory.

He later destroyed the entire Keroro Platoon Double. He then visited the real platoon in un-wanted honor. He usually laughs like Kururu.

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