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Yeah, weirdo.
~ Torrance

Torrance is one of the supporting antagonists in the 2002 Disney animated film Treasure Planet. He is one of the pirates in John Silver's crew.

He was voiced by Jim Ward, who later played Captain Qwark in the Ratchet & Clank franchise.


Torrance's physical alien appearance consists simply of a pink human torso; constantly perched on top of his head is his comrade named Hedley, an alien who resembles a pink human head with gold dreadlocks, which are actually his arms and legs that are very similar to tentacles, making him look like a cephalopod; in this position, they look like a normal human being, so it is most likely that the two pirates are brothers.


During the voyage, the ship encounters a supernova. While securing lifelines of all pirates so that they will not get lost, Jim saves Silver from falling just in time. The supernova then devolves into a black hole, where Arrow falls to his death. The burst of shock waves and maximum engine power enable Amelia to pilot the ship to safety. Amelia mourns the loss of Arrow, and suspects Jim of failing to secure the lifelines, while Arrow's line was actually cut by Scroop. Meanwhile, Torrance and the pirates corner the group here; using a back door, Jim, B.E.N., and Morph return to the ship in an attempt to recover the map. Both Hedley and Torrance are one of the only few pirates to survive during their mutiny, as they are arrested by Captain Amelia and Dr. Delbert Doppler for their crimes alongside the remaining crew. Despite his arrest, Torrance is last seen cheering along with the crew for Jim for saving them from the exploding planet.


  • "Yeah, weirdo."
  • "But we just finished!"


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