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Tortuga means turtle, and that's me. I take my time but I always win.
~ Tortuga's most famous quote.
There are two types of men in this world. Those who drink, and those who pour.
~ Tortuga's lesson to a bartender.

Tortuga is a minor antagonist in the TV series Breaking Bad. He is a member of the Cartel who hopes to eliminate his competition and make money to buy expensive things.

He was played by Danny Trejo, who plays El Diablo in The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On The Run, El Jefe in xXx, Bane in Young Justice. and Newtralizer in 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series.


Tortuga is first seen speaking to Hank Schrader. He intends to make a deal for the time and location of a deal that's about to take place, so they can interfere. He introduces himself as Tortuga, and states the meaning behind his name. He gives the time and location and is not seen for a while.

After some time has passed, Tortuga is seen speaking to a bartender inside a bar, and talks him down when he tries to warn Tortuga about the amount he is drinking. Tortuga then lectures the rest of the people there. Juan Bolsa then enters the bar, and speaks to Tortuga. He brings up a gift he brought for him for missing his birthday. He then shows Tortuga the tortoise he gave to him before painting a message on the shell, saying "For The Great Philosopher" while doing so. The message Bolsa really wrote was "Hola DEA", leaving Tortuga to realize what is going on before Marco and Leonel Salamanca then enter the bar and kill Tortuga via decapitation.

Tortuga is later seen as a severed head on the same tortoise that was gifted to him for Hank Schrader and his crew to see. The tortoise had a bomb with a trigger that activates, blowing the tortoise and Tortuga's head up, injuring and killing most of Hank's crew.


Tortuga is a paitient man who also looks out only for himself, since he views the Cartel as competition and shows no signs of loyalty to them. He also likes to live large, and likes buying luxrious things, as he reads Skymall just to pick up items which he is interested in. He also shows arrogance, and takes pride in his nickname "Tortuga".


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