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The Torturer is the nameless antagonist of the online game Torture Game as well as its sequels. Although never named in the game nor seen it is basically a "Play the Villain" type game that makes you (the player) a villain.

In the Torture Game, you play the role of a sadistic torturer who has a wide array of tools by which to prolong your victim's suffering for as long as you desire - it is also possible to kill the victim and the goal of the game is thus to keep your victim alive for as long as possible without killing them.

The torturer also appears to possess superhuman strength, as he has the ability to rip the limbs from his victim at ease.In the game,the torturer has a list of tools,which include of a hand, rope, pistol, shotgun, AK-47, razor, chainsaw, spikes, acid and a paint brush.


  • The game is very controversial, but has remained surprisingly popular and is arguably one of the best examples of the "Play The Villain" genre, though this can be hotly debated.
  • The style by which you torture is also likely inspired by the horror movies (more accurately "gore-movies") such as Hostel and Saw.

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