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Totema is the secondary antagonist of the 3-part Kamen Sentai Gorider web special of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. He is a Super Sentai style monster created by Kuroto Dan to serve as the boss of the Kamen Sentai Gorider game in the Game World.

He was voiced by Kazuki Yao.


Totema and the Kamen Sentai Gorider game were created by Kuroto Dan as contingencies in case of his death. After Emu Hojo was abducted into the Game World, Totema (disguised as Poppy Pipopapo in a kimono) brought Emu to a mysterious room where he encountered the deceased Riders Kiriya Kujo, Kaoru Kino, Kaito Kumon and Yoko Minato, as well as Kazuma Kenzaki. The five were all forced to battle against an unbeatable army of Shocker monsters, with the game resetting each time they were defeated.

After the real Kazuma Kenzaki arrived and Kuroto was revealed to be in disguise as him, Totema and Kuroto led their army of revived Shocker monsters against the Riders for a final time. During the battle, Kuroto as Kamen Rider Genm merged with Totema to become Genm Totema, but was defeated by the five Riders after they became the Kamen Sentai Gorider and used their combined powers to destroy him for a second time.


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