Hulk Thug
Get lost, Gringo.
~ The Tough Guy Leader insults Bruce.

The Tough Guy Leader is a minor antagonist in the 2008 Marvel movie The Incredible Hulk. He is a Brazilian street thug who bullies Bruce Banner and later provokes Bruce into transforming into the Hulk for the first time in nearly five months.

He was portrayed by Pedro Salvín.


Bruce first encounters the tough guy leader at the factory where he works in Brazil for sexually harassing fellow factory worker Martina. Bruce tries to break it up, but the tough guy shoves Bruce away, telling him to "get lost". Bruce says "you wouldn't like me when I'm hungry" in Portuguese (mistranslating for "angry") and the tough guy and his cronies don't take him seriously. Before they can assault Bruce, the manager of the factory orders the fight to be broken up.

Later on, when Bruce is on the run from Emil Blonsky and General Ross' forces, he encounters the tough guy and his cronies again when he accidentally bumps into him. They also chase after Bruce, and corner him back in the factory where Bruce works after Bruce hides out there from Ross' forces. He and his thugs beat up on Bruce and steal his computer. The leader mocks Bruce for their encounter earlier; when Bruce protests that making him angry would be very bad, the leader only says, "You bad angry, G? I very bad angry."

Even when Bruce continues to protest, the leader continues to beat on him, shoving him down, which pushes Bruce to the brink and causes him to transform into the Hulk. The Hulk seizes the leader and hurls him across the room through two glass windows into a concrete wall, killing him instantly.


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Hulk Thug
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