The Tough Possessor is the fifth and final Possessor Luigi faces in Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon. He is fought in mission "B-Boss: Stop the Knightmare". He is the sixth boss of the game.


The Tough Possessor, like all other Possessors, is a white ghost with horns, except this Possessor has five horns protruding from its head, the most of any Possessor.


When Luigi enters the portal that appeared within the Terrace, he will be teleported to a large room with three rugs in the middle, simply named "???". At the front of the room will be a suit of armor that holds the last piece of the Dark Moon. When Luigi tries to grab it, the Tough Possessor appears and scares Luigi. This Possessor then splits himself into two Possessors, and each possess a suit of armor with a large hammer. Luigi's goal is to lure both suits onto the rugs, and pull the rug out from under their feet. This will knock the Possessors out of the suits, and they will become one again. The Possessor will then charge at Luigi only a single time, however he will also fire an orb of ghostly energy. After pulling off one of the Possessor's layers, he will split into three Possessors and posses three separate suits for armor. Luigi defeats these suits in the same way, which will then force the Possessors back into one. Repeat the process of taking one of the layers off the Possessor, however he will fire off an extra energy bolt this time.

He will then split into four Possessors. However, instead of taking four suits of armor to fight Luigi with, he will summon a colossal suit of armor with a very large sword (presumably each Possessor controls an arm and a leg). Luigi must lure both of the suits feet onto the rugs and pull one out from under it. This leaves it stunned for enough time to pull the other out. Finally, Luigi can take down the last Possessor, although it now shoots out three energy bolts when charging. Capturing the Possessor will make the Dark Moon piece blast from Luigi's Poltergust 5000, and he can collect the final piece.


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