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The Tour Guide is a supporting antagonist in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, and the main antagonist in the 2013 Madagascar short film Madly Madagascar.

He was voiced by Phil LaMarr.


Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

He served as a minor character in the second film. He first appeared when he was showing a lion (Alex) to the people riding in the jeep. He then appeared again when the penguins took their jeep, and then finally appeared again when Nana and the others tried to eat Alex.

2018-06-04 (2)

Madly Madagascar

The Tour Guide plays a massive role in the short film as the main antagonist. He first appeared when he was in his car he finds Hula Girl (the doll that Skipper was falling in love with) saying it was his lucky day and puts her in his car. When he heard a noise from his tent, he noticed the penguins in the tent, then the penguins exploded the tent and he ran away. When the penguins return to the car to get Hula Girl, Tour Guide noticed them again, so then they had to do a car chase. The penguins finally take Hula Girl and defeated him. He jumps off of his car and ran away back to the safari camp.


Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

You can't eat a lion! (Nana: Don't worry, it tastes like chicken.)
~ Tour Guide to Nana.

Madly Madagascar

Today must be my lucky day.
~ Tour Guide.
What is going on in here? Penguins?
~ Tour Guide noticing the Penguins.
Penguins! Get them!
~ Tour Guide.
~ Tour Guide's defeat.


  • He did not appear in the third film, so his fate is unknown.


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