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May heaven grant you fortune
~ The Tower Deity's catchphrase. Sometimes, it's altered

The unnamed Tower Deity is the main antagonist of the 2009 indie game Tower of Heaven. It is unseen for most of the game, and at the ending, is seen as a butterfly.

It speaks to the player in green text boxes throughout the whole game, often warning the player about what they will encounter or enforcing laws.


The Tower Deity uses the Book of Laws to enforce laws on the player. They are, in the order of their appearances in the game:

1: Thou shalt not touch gold blocks

2: Thou shalt not touch blocks from the side

3: Thou shalt not walk left

4: Thou shalt not touch living things

5: Henceforth, thou shalt not check the Book of Laws

The Book of Laws shatters at level 11. Thus, the player does not need to worry about them. However, gold blocks will still kill the player. In the flash version of the game, they are skull blocks instead, though they have the same effect.


What's this? Yet another soul seeks to scale my tower? ... Welcome, young one. Perhaps you do not realize the danger in what you are attempting. If you truly wish to ascend this tower and claim it's reward, then make your way to those stairs with the arrow keys.
But be warned, I have no patience for slow workers. If you cannot reach the stairs to the next floor before the time runs out, I shall smite you.
Now, scaling the tower wouldn't be so 'dangerous' if it simply involved climbing those stairs, would it? Then again, you probably expected as much.
That was close. You'll still have to prove that you're worthy of progressing further. And you'd better get used to proving yourself, believe me.
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