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What's this? Yet another soul seeks to scale my tower? ... Welcome, young one. Perhaps you do not realize the danger in what you are attempting. If you truly wish to ascend this tower and claim it's reward, then make your way to those stairs. But be warned, I have no patience for slow workers. If you cannot reach the stairs to the next floor before the time runs out, I shall smite you.
~ The first thing the Tower Deity says
May heaven grant you fortune.
~ The Tower Deity's catchphrase

The unnamed deity (often referred to by players as Tower Deity or Tower God) is the main antagonist of the 2009 indie game Tower of Heaven. It is unseen for most of the game, and at the ending, is seen as a butterfly. It rests on the top of a tower reaching into the heavens and kills any traveler who tries to climb the tower seeking for treasure. The deity speaks to Eid (the most recent person who tries to climb the tower and the player character) throughout the game and tries to kill him with spikes and saws while timing him, striking him with lightning if he doesn't make it to the next floor in time.

After Eid passes through 2 floors, the deity starts to use the Book of Laws, which enforce rules that Eid must obey or be smitten with lightning. It states that this is the first time it has had to use it, but finds the idea of using it amusing. The first law to be enforced is that gold blocks are forbidden to touch. After that law fails to kill Eid, another law is added: touching blocks from the side is forbidden. The deity states that this should be "funny", showing some sadism. Somewhat enraged that the last law failed, the deity then adds another law that makes walking left forbidden.

After some more progress, the deity reveals that the reward for reaching the top of the tower is not meant for mortals and that anyone climbing the tower must shed their humanity to get it, leading into the next law that makes touching living things forbidden. At the next floor, the deity falsely tells Eid that reaching the top of the tower won't reward him with anything, but since he's still determined to get there, it adds another rule so that Eid can't check what the laws are. When that floor fails, the deity becomes enraged, believing that the human is only trying to get to the top to spite it. It then says that anyone greedy enough to want treasure from it deserves to suffer fiery torment.

Eid then manages to get past the final challenge of the tower and finally meets the deity in person. Seeing that Eid had obtained the treasures of the tower, it deemed the tower worthless and then causes it to crumble away. It's unknown what happened to Eid since he was still on the tower during its destruction, but the deity likely still lives.

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